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Twas the night before Christmas
11th Dec 2017

'Twas the night before Christmas

When all thro' the ABPM office,

Not a creature was stirring, not even Tilly the office dog.

The stockings were hung by the radiator with care,

With hopes Christmas bonuses would soon appear there.

The team were all dozing, quite snug at their desks,

While visions of qualified accountants danced in their heads.


After a busy busy year, the team

Had just settled their brains for an afternoon nap

When out in the car park there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the gravel drive

Gave a lustre of midday to objects outside,

When what to my wondering eyes did appear

But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer,

With a little old driver, fairly lively and quick,

I knew in a moment it must be Rej Abraham, MD of ABPM Recruitment Ltd.

 More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,

And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

'Now, Sarah! Now, Sukhi! Now Cara and Jared!

On Josh! On Neil! On Adriana (and Tilly)!

To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!

Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,

When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;

So up to the housetop the coursers they flew

With the sleigh full of toys, and Rej Abraham, MD of ABPM Recruitment Ltd too -

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof

The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.

As I drew in my head, and was turning around,

Down the chimney Rej Abraham, MD of ABPM Recruitment Ltd came with a bound.

He was dressed in a suit, from his head to his foot,

And his clothes were immaculate (thank you very much)

A briefcase he had flung on his shoulder

And he looked like the director of a financial recruitment company, just opening his bag.

His eyes - how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow

And his beard was definitely going grey.

Sweet treats he'd bought for his team

Were clutched in one hand.

He had a broad face and a little round belly

That shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, (only joking, the man's in his prime)

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,

And laying his finger aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight—

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” 



Is todays’ reality yesterdays’ plan?
30th Nov 2017

Spending so much time advising on career plans and ambitions I on occasion bring people up short when I ask the above question. I ask myself that question and I can certainly say as a trainee ACA embarking upon life at Price Waterhouse (that will age some of the readership I am sure) Newcastle upon Tyne never did I imagine that my career would be as an owner manager of a boutique recruitment firm. In fact, I doubt many of us even knew about recruitment firms outside of the USA.

So, it was an interesting insight to spend some time with my daughters’ undergraduate friends at Edinburgh University to gain their views of career planning, support and hopes for their futures post University. A particularly interesting exercise for me from those in the education sector concerning career options given the uncertainty in the broader UK, European and Global economies. I hope this allows you a moment to take stock as individuals currently on a career path and finance leaders of businesses.

For those of you part way through career, the information and experience gathered is without valuable but as each year takes you further away from the perhaps exciting, and or nervous tentative steps into your first job, it becomes easier to forget the struggles of being a new employee in the real world.  Undoubtedly, whether you are still in the field you chose at the outset, or not as in my case, there is no doubt that those first few years shape the rest of your career.

Yet what about those undergraduates today?

Some students were fairly confident in their answers; a medic, smugly stated that he knew exactly what he was doing once he finished – obviously as he long as he passes those demanding exams!

For the most part however, the other students interviewed, across humanities and sciences, didn’t have a career plan set in stone. Surprisingly few said that they would like to pursue the degree they are currently studying beyond uni, with only two wishing to stay in the current discipline to undertake research, and a Physics student, following that same field.

The other students stated that they would not like to pursue their subjects, although a few did say that they were considering a Masters, perhaps even a year abroad, as this gave them a chance to travel before they became tied down in a career. After that, however, they would use the skills gained in their studies in their careers, whether it be time management, research or writing, but in different fields to the one they are currently in.

As for the expectations from first graduate jobs, the expectations are wide. In many cases, the students didn’t really know what to expect, but assumed It would be a fairly low paid job, with (hopefully) encouraging and helpful employers who wouldn’t throw them in the deep end too much! While some students hope for employers who share their outlook and passions, and would be invested in helping their career paths set off well, other students merely said they were happy to be employed by whoever would take them straight from uni!

The final question asked of the students was how much help and advice did they receive about careers at school and university. While all the students agreed that at school the help provided for applications to university and preparing CV’s was very good, even when they didn’t know exactly what is was they wanted to do, they did not seem as pleased with the help at uni. Although they said it was there, it was very much up to the students to seek out and find.

So, what would you advise your younger self knowing what you do today? ABPM as experts in our field are on hand to support and advise you in your careers with a “take stock” review as well as a guide on the onwards career journey so do reach out to us when you need our assistance.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director

Trick or Treat - The Interview
31st Oct 2017

Tis the season for turning out your lights and pretending nobody’s home, as swarms of children dressed in costumes of all shapes and sizes take to the streets and come knocking on your door requesting sweets.

Although we consider it an American affectation and whether it horrifies you more than the holiday itself, or fills you with ghoulish glee, there is no doubt that trick or treating is a central part of Halloween. Its origins go back as early as the 11th century, when Irish, Scottish and Welsh children would go ‘souling’, the practice of going from house to house dressed as angels, devils or saints to collect soul cakes, which had a cross baked into the top. The fancy dress was supposed to impersonate and trick the spirits of the dead that wandered the streets on All Hallows’ Eve, and therefore protect the children that were collecting their treats.

Since then, while trick or treating may have evolved in some ways, the basis of the tradition remains the same; children dressed up as demons, the undead (or Olaf, from Frozen) go from door to door, asking for treats. If denied, they perform a wicked trick on the ungenerous resident. Today, the custom is so popular that Halloween has become America’s second largest commercial holiday, with nearly $7 billion spent on sweets, costumes, and other Halloween products. Now isn’t that a figure that makes you quake in your boots.

In the world of financial recruitment, while we may not be faced with the same horrors of sugar-fuelled children and over-priced sweets, there are many other things that may strike fear into us all, primarily interviews. So here are a few tricks to make your next interview more of a treat than a living nightmare. 


  • Punctuality: If you don’t want to immediately put your potential future employer into a “mood” turn up on time. This will also give you time to make sure you’re calm and prepared just before you enter the interview.
  • Research: Although you may be faced with some questions that you cannot answer straight away, make sure you have a fairly thorough knowledge of the business and role you’re applying for.
  • Enthusiasm: Short of turning up in a vampire costume complete with fake blood, nothing will make you more memorable to your interviewer than an abundance of enthusiasm and a big smile. Employers will want to hire someone with a positive attitude more than someone who presents themselves as a bear with a sore head. 



Rej Abraham Managing Director


Like a rocket man…
29th Sep 2017

If there’s an opportunity for the British public to gather around the television, and show their support for a contestant battling it out for a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can be sure that the British public gather and vicariously enjoy the experiences of the contestants.

Over the years, TV has given us any number of formats in which the best of amateurs compete to become the best baker/singer or landscape artist of the year. Now, the BBC has taken the Sunday night TV contest to a new level, with Astronauts, in which twelve professionals at the top of their individual fields, from sport to science, complete a series of challenges in order to gain the backing of International Space Station Commander Thomas Hadfield in NASA’s to become an astronaut.

The show demonstrates, not only to Hadfield and the show’s viewers, but to the contestants themselves what their strengths and their limits are. The tasks set for the contestants tested various skillsets, from physical ability to intelligence to computer literacy. Where some contestants thrived, others found that they were limited, and the other way round. Merritt Moore, an Oxford physicist and ballerina gave a recent interview in The Telegraph in which she stated that she struggled in a bleep test, because sprinting was not something she was used to, despite her peak fitness in ballet. On the other hand, her experience with condensed matter which involved working to nanometer precision, led her to successfully complete the challenge in which she had to draw her own blood.

What all these contestants have in common is that they are being pushed to their limits, and learning whether these are in reality their actual limits, or if they are capable of more than they knew. For many of the contestants, they reach their limits, and sadly this prevents them becoming an astronaut, and their journey on the show ends. For others however, they are learning to break their own boundaries as they reach for their goal, and gain the prize of Hadfield’s support in their mission to become an astronaut.

In perhaps slightly less intense situations than being trapped in a claustrophobic sphere for twenty minutes, we challenge ourselves on a regular basis to break down the limits we place on ourselves in our careers, and see what we are capable of. In your careers, as we progress do you unlock your own potential, as you travel towards, your career goals.

All be it the lyrics of the David Bowie song allude to something different, here at ABPM, we are on hand to provide you with the means and tools to find out what your career goals are and we endeavour to advise and guide. At a simplistic level by securing your next role but meaningfully we hope it aligns to your career plans - as ambitious or modest as they may be.

Rej Abraham – Managing Director

What next??
30th Aug 2017

This summer, London was set alight once again as the capital played host to a major world sporting event; the IAAF and IPC World Championships took place in the Olympic Stadium, with Britain once again united behind its extraordinary athletes. Although sporting highlights included the GB Men’s triumphant 4x100m relay and American Tori Bowie’s surprise and close win in the women’s 100m, this summer was tainted with a slight sense of sadness, as two of the greatest names in athletics had announced they were going into track athletics retirement; Mo Farah and Usain Bolt. Will their like be seen again and those of you who were lucky enough to be in attendance on Super Saturday in 2012 have gone all misty eyed I am sure.

The British and Jamaican athletes both came from humble beginnings, yet now boast sports careers of exceptional excellence, achievement and triumph, and can boast alleged personal nett worth of over £3 million and $60 million respectively. They have signed lucrative deals with some of the biggest brands in sport, such as Puma, Nike and Lucozade, and many other brands besides. However, there is so much more to Farah and Bolt than awe-inspiring speed that has made their careers so successful, particularly in the case of Bolt, who has been estimated to be the 32nd highest earning athlete in the world this year.

As he hangs up his spikes and bows out of his sprinting career, there is still a lot going on for Bolt. The towering athlete boasts an array business venture outside of his roles as brand ambassador, such as his own restaurant, ‘Usain Bolt’s Track and Records’, a relaxed sports lounge in Jamaica that also sells Bolt merchandise. His endorsements and advertising also are significant income streams, with brand heavyweights such as Puma, Virgin Media and Gatorade forming partnerships with the world’s fastest man.

But how is it that Bolt seems to be “pulling in so much more cash” than Farah? There is no doubt that they are both amongst the world’s greatest athletes, and have done their respective nations proud, yet it is Bolt that has earned himself a place in the top 100 of Forbes Celebrity Rich List this year and Farah has not. I would attribute this to market positioning, his expert event, ie the primeval excitement of the 100m sprint and I would also suggest one of the key factors is that Bolt manages his brand and how he has utilised his success to make a career for himself off the track as well as on. 

His sparkling personality, good humour and enviable dance moves have made the world fall in love with him. Furthermore, his philanthropic attitude and numerous charitable activities, such as setting up the Usain Bolt Foundation, providing significant financial assistance to worthy causes and using his partnership with Puma to provide his old school the William Knibb Memorial High school with top of the range kit, has made him one of the most loved personalities of the world and as a by-product accelerated his brand and career.

Now I am not suggesting you start “cutting or throwing shapes” in your offices but do work out how you can sparkle and generate excitement in your career and role so that you promote and make the most out of it. Here at ABPM, we have approaching 30 years of career advisory expertise to share on how to build your career. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rej Abraham - Managing Director


Beginnings, Endings and the Here and Now
26th Jul 2017

July may seem an odd time to be writing about beginnings and endings, but events in my own life have prompted me to think about such concepts. Why you may ask? Times have been changing in the Abraham household. My eldest daughter ensconced at Edinburgh University; my son A levels finished has headed off for a year working in New Zealand (for a rugby playing Brit arriving in NZ good news that the British and Irish Lions acquitted themselves so well, an overall victory or heavy defeat would have made for an interesting reception!); and my younger daughter returning from work experience in a couple of South Indian hospitals to commence her A Levels in a new school. Chapters of their young lives are ending and new exciting new chapters open for all of them. Endings are undoubtedly emotional as each chapter of your life shapes who you are, and are filled with memories and experiences.

Similarly, a new phase of your career, regardless of it being an internal move/promotion or, joining a new organisation to further your career and enhance your skills and knowledge can be a sad time (at the same time, it should be a happy time!).With all this introspection I did reflect on what we leave behind – in your personal life memories, shared experiences and friendships that will endure. In your career do consider carefully what your legacy is to the department or organisation you leave. In our hurry to advance and develop do not forget the here and now, excel and contribute today to enable the future to open up. The colleagues who developed you, the team members you supported, the project that you led that delivered benefits, the business you assisted to sell benefitting the shareholders and the IT project that did not go as well as expected!  In all aspects these and other factors enable you to develop an enjoyable and satisfying career. What is for sure, role changes mark a major step in your life and career. Though it may be with sadness we leave one company or role, it is with excitement that you take on the next position which you expect to align with your career plan.

Beginnings should be met with great enthusiasm – why change otherwise? For my family members who are beginning at a new school or embarking on life beyond school, it generates nostalgia, but with equal measure and more, excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Similarly, when advancing along your chosen career paths, it can be uncertain what steps that you need to take, but the likelihood is it is necessary. We here at ABPM understand that ending your time in one career role can be tricky, but we know how exciting it is to begin another. Borne of our experience as career advisors and recruiters we anticipate and are prepared for the questions you may have; don’t get me wrong some of our answers may surprise you or not be what you want to hear but we aim to provide constructive advice based upon our knowledge of the market, opportunities and the many other careers that we have supported over the years.  Do reach out to us and we are on hand to try and assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director


J K Rowling
30th Jun 2017

This month marks a great landmark in 21st century literature, and for Potterheads across the globe, the 26th was a day of celebration and pride. It is 20 years since the first Harry Potter book, The Philosophers Stone.

For a start, it is a scary thought that it has been a whole 20 years since Harry tumbled into our lives. To give some proportion of how long ago that was, this was the same year that Tony Blair took on the role of prime minister, Dolly the sheep was cloned and Diana died. As you can see, Harry Potter has been with us for a while.

In that time, Harry Potter has become an integral part of British culture, and seven books, eight films, two plays and several spin off books and plays later, Joanne Rowling has made her name as one of the most successful authors the world has ever seen. Indeed, she was the first author to achieve billionaire status, which makes sense given she has sold over 500 million copies of her books alone. Yet twenty years ago, at the release of her first book, she was a far cry from one of the most successful and influential women on the planet.

Rowling was a single mother living on benefits when her first novel was released; it was not long however before she was catapulted to wealth and fame with the unprecedented success of her children's books amongst both children and adults alike.

As Harry Potter continued to go from strength to strength, it soon became obvious that Rowling was a both clever and thoughtful businesswoman. Despite achieving billionaire status, she soon lost it as she donated a large percentage of her income to charities, and now to her own charity, Lumos. Though she has given away large portions of her money, she still holds a position as one of the most financially successful women in the world. Predominantly I believe it is for her success in continuing to expand the Harry Potter world and franchise beyond the seven books and into so many sectors; the film industry in particular, but consider also the fact there is a theme park in America dedicated entirely to the world she has created in her own imagination.

Despite collaborating with many other very influential and powerful people in the expansion of the franchise, Rowling has remained in control of the path it has taken; it is her creation, her career and her success.

Here at ABPM we are committed to helping you follow your career path and achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Although we are on hand at every point to offer help and advice as you pursue your career path, we are sure to put you in control; your career path, goals and your successes. 


Rej Abraham Managing Director


Lifelong learning, the exam hall and experiential does it ever stop?
25th May 2017

With a house full of exam takers presently across University, A & GCSE levels and knowing, given my line of work, that professional accountancy exams are on the horizon, my memory is drawn to my own youth and with a gratitude knowing that exams are in the past! However, as the cricket season arrives and the countdown to summer begins so does the exam season! So many of the population have to put the sun tan lotion away for now as most of them aged from fifteen to  the mid-twenties, do not seem to share the same glee at the arrival of May. These are the ones who look up excitedly at the glorious sunshine, then sigh dejectedly as they go indoors, laden with books. Or the ones who stare wistfully out of the window, because that sight is a lot more pleasant than the work before them. Yes, that’s right. Exam season is upon us.

Those of you who are shaking your head at the memory you are no doubt grateful that your days of cramming and highlighted flashcards are behind you but yet you must understand the value of exams (although in the midst of a final pre-exam cram, I may have received a different, slightly more tense response) as much of the foundation of the success of your career was determined by those hours in the exam hall. Is it the right format? I am conscious many different forms of learning and examination now do exist but whatever way you wish to look at it, exam season presents the opportunity for us to prove ourselves, and demonstrate what we know and how we have advanced in our studies. Exams provide the means to assess what we have acquired and review it all, and demonstrate how we can use this knowledge to advance and develop in our fields.

Why is this relevant to you today in the sunshine of your post qualified career (no more exams - hurrah!)?  In business, it is necessary to similarly use the skills acquired to develop and improve in your field, and demonstrate your abilities every day. Though the days of three hours in exam halls with cramping hands are over, we do continue to put ourselves to the test and demonstrate our accomplishments in our career paths through the accumulation of “work place” knowledge and its application to the benefit of your business, colleagues and successful delivery of your role. Success thereby shaping the opportunities and further learning required to develop in your careers.

Here at ABPM, our aim is to help you achieve all that you aspire to in your chosen career paths, and we are on hand to provide you with the means to do so. We won’t make you sit any exams, but we will help you to demonstrate your skills in your career and show how you develop and advance as you pursue your chosen career path. 


Rej Abraham Managing Director


Pantomime horses, lycra and energy gels.....
27th Apr 2017

Most people would argue that they feel most motivated to get fit and achieve great things on January 1st of each year. I think it’s fair to say a lot of us also feel very motivated the Sunday afternoon of the London Marathon which is always a heart-warming and inspirational event. Indeed, for many, this motivation continues past the afternoon and inspires us to compete the following year, meaning that each year record-breaking numbers of runners sign up for the marathon. This year, statistics showed that over 50,000 people signed up for the marathon, with approximately 40,000 finishers’ medals being handed out.

Of the various statistics and figures that were published such as 50,000 metres of barriers running along the course, 300 litres of blue paint lined the most direct route and 84 pubs that runners have to pass on their route, one did stick out for me given my line of work. The most popular profession of the runners in this year’s London marathon? That’s right accountants, 2,285 of the entrants.

Why is this? Is it just a matter of chance? Or because accountants work less so have more time for marathon training? (I jest, I’m sure this is not true!) Perhaps it is because of the attributes between what it takes to be a successful accountant and complete a marathon. First consider the training; the good days and bad days as you build the foundation i.e. the hard yards. When the day finally arrives that you are standing on that start line, you have made it; you are a marathon runner. Similarly, when the day comes that you have qualified as an accountant, you are ready to begin the marathon that is your career as much as you would like it to be a sprint for the majority of us it will be a well-planned and structured marathon. Undoubtedly, you are fresh-faced and optimistic, ready to begin the race that is your career.

None of us should under-estimate the demands that we will face.  The temptation to give it all up and head into one of those 84 pubs on the side of the course seem impossible to ignore. Yet you battle on, and after 26.2 long miles, you have done it. However, to get to the end of the Marathon there are some 7000 race marshals to guide you en-route, 1,200 St Johns medical support staff to assist unexpected developments as necessary and numerous water and feed stations to refresh and recuperate you.

So in your career ABPM would like to think that we are the race marshals, St Johns ambulance and feeding stations all rolled into one to support your career race. Which marathon will you take on next and why? Similarly, ABPM will be on hand to advise on your career plans. Whether you are tackling your first marathon or your fiftieth, we look forward to helping you on your way.


Rej Abraham Managing Director



Careers – it’s the long game
31st Mar 2017

I must apologise for the delay in sending out this month’s newsletter, but those of you who know my affection for the oval shaped ball game will appreciate I needed the Six Nations to come to its end, allowing all the events to unfold before reporting back. Indeed, what a tournament of exciting rugby and no guaranteed outcomes (see Ireland v England!). With exciting victories like that of England over Wales, and marvellous demonstrations of talent from the likes of Owen Farrell and Joe Launchbury, the re-emergence of Sam Warburton and George North and the sublime talent of Jonny Sexton and Stuart Hogg the Six Nations once again proved why it is one of the most popular global sporting tournaments.

If, however, you were watching, as I did at Murrayfield, and supporting the Italian side, you may be feeling a little less gleeful, given their slightly less than impressive results. Having not won any of their games, and not scoring even a single point against Scotland in their final game, Italy could be forgiven for feeling a bit blue about their performance as they return home. However, their recently appointed coach Conor O’Shea remains undeterred and optimistic.

O’Shea excelled as a player winning 35 caps for Ireland as a strong fullback. When his playing career was cut short by a knee injury, he did not step back from rugby. Instead, he took on the role of Director of rugby for the exciting and high profile Harlequins, coaching them successfully. So it was a surprise last year, when he made the decision to up and move to Italy, taking on the national side’s head coaching role, despite their underwhelming performance in the Six Nations over the previous few years. Career suicide?

When asked why he chose to make a move that could be considered a step down, O’Shea stated that the Italian team had great potential, and that he saw it as an achievable challenge to build the Italians a team that could challenge for the Six nations championship. “I know the scale of the task. I know people will write me off as a lunatic, but so be it.”

O’Shea’s confidence in his ability may be closer to brilliance than lunacy. Nobody was expecting that within the year he could completely transform the team into a world beating side that would trounce all the opposition at this year’s Six Nations, yet what about next year? Or the year after that? Or in five years’ time? What is clear he has a plan that involves a root and branch review not only of the national side’s infrastructure but that of the club rugby and player development. Impossible? We only need to look at the emergence of Argentina to see evidence that the impossible can become reality.

Similarly, the effects of a change in career path aren’t always immediate. A successful career does take time to achieve, developing your potential, drawing on knowledge and strengths, developing skills and training in the areas of need and gradually seeing the change, so that further down the line, you have reached your full potential. Whilst, we shall have to wait and see if O’Shea’s optimism proves to be well founded, we here at ABPM have full trust in the fact that a wise career move will, if not immediately, lead to successes further down your career path with our wise counsel and support. My team and I are on hand to help you take the first step towards your fulfilling your potential.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

Elephants in jumpers!
1st Feb 2017

It's the end of a long January and month of muddled weather – and for those who battled through dry January I applaud your fortitude, when there was much to drive you to drink. We’re not exactly off to a flying start in 2017 globally, namely due to one man generating controversy and uncertainty on a daily basis for everybody in the US and further afield. But we’re hearing a lot about him and his dastardly deeds, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write about a story that doesn’t involve him, and cheer ourselves up a bit. After scrolling through many news articles and stories, I had become worried to learn if there is any good news.

But I was resolute. I had come looking for a happy story and I was not going to leave without one; January is a dark and dank month, but surely there had to be something that was upbeat or not about the Donald. And eventually there was. In some deep, dark corner of the Internet there was a shining light, a story that didn’t want to make me disappear from the world into a duvet cocoon; a story about elephants in jumpers. It seemed unfair that as everyone trudged from January into February, more people didn’t know about them, so I am happy to announce there is a campaign to knit jumpers for elephants in North India and the foothills of the Himalayas.

The campaign was launched by India’s Wildlife SOS group to protect rescued elephants from the severely cold conditions the winter brings. Without the jumpers, the animals are more susceptible to ailments such as arthritis and pneumonia given their unfortunate pasts and would struggle to survive the winter. Now however, thanks to the work of the people of Mathura, the village in which the sanctuary is located, the elephants have a much greater chance of getting through the winter without suffering any health problems (as well as looking incredibly stylish).

This kind of forward thinking and originality is inspiring, and is something we here at ABPM strive to achieve in our problem solving and thinking how we can help you advance in your career. But the main aim of this month’s article is to give you a chuckle and reassure you that the news isn’t all doom and gloom and there is light ahead and we at ABPM are on hand to shine a light on your career if needed.


Rej Abraham Managing Director



New Year, New Me...?
25th Jan 2017
As Big Ben struck midnight on the 31st of last month, we all raised our glasses and toasted the New Year in and cheered as we bid farewell to 2016 - a year of major events for the UK and USA. 

I have held off in writing the January newsletter for a couple of weeks to see how my renewed optimism and pledges to commit to old and new resolutions in the New Year have manifested themselves.

This is the year I try Yoga (if it is good for Ryan Giggs it must be for me) two classes missed due to work already; we finally get fit - rowing machine remains unused, we read all those books we’ve had piling up, yes completed my first book of the year Phil “the cat” Tuffnell’s autobiography a very amusing read and I am still setting about achieving those career goals. So how are you getting on as you progress into January, has the fitbit we received at Christmas been kept on, have you created a space to read all those books and are you managing work life balance and priorities in the office and home; still filled with a renewed enthusiasm?

Questions to ask: by February, is this momentum beginning to dwindle? By March, is the enthusiasm still evident? And by April, we have taken the fitbit off out of frustration as it only counts 99 steps, when you know full well you walked 133 steps and the book-reading seat still looks new and comfortable - having not been touched since its creation. As for your career, have you returned to the same routine and patterns and have not made any (dramatic) changes. 4 months into the New Year do we run the risk of being back to square one as we return to our same routine, waiting for the next New Year when we will make those same promises again to ourselves.

But why must we always wait every 365 days to consider what positive changes we want to make to our lives and career as the two undoubtedly are intertwined? Surely, we should regularly review our paths taking responsibility into our own hands and make those changes when we need to. Don’t wait until the start of a new year to get active, or to take time to read or to consider what your career goals are, and how you can adapt to achieve these in the most efficient way.

So if it is simply a career and CV health check or something more substantive including your own team’s requirements, we at ABPM are experienced in supporting you while you take stock. Thus we look forward to hearing from you and helping you in your career. Do have a successful and healthy 2017.


Rej Abraham Managing Director


Defining your role....Sports Personality of the Year
1st Dec 2016

For those of you that scan an eye over my monthly musings you will no doubt be sensitive to my more than passing interest in all matters sport (we will quickly gloss over the English cricket tour as that did not appear to be sport for the English team!). As we approach Christmas each year I must admit to a schoolboy enthusiasm to the annual SPOTY and the review of the sporting events and participants of the year. In many ways it is an uplifting exercise especially when you consider the number of unexpected and tragic events of 2016. So I hope you do not mind my use of SPOTY and sport to put a positive spin on a surprising year.

It’s been an exciting year for sport; cast your memory back to the beginning half of the year, when Leicester City shocked Britain (the world of football!) by beating all the odds and winning the Premier League – I’m pretty sure if you go into Leicester today the celebration party is still going on. Then consider Eddie Jones’ transformation of England’s rugby team, leading them to have a strong and successful season of victories. And of course, we must not forget GB’s sporting achievements while away in Rio at the summer Olympics. Whether they were in the pool, track or field, our athletes once again made us proud of our sporting stars. 

Of course, these leading lights are celebrated at one particular event: the Sports Personality of the Year. This year, the likes of Mo, Peaty, Murray, Bale and Brownlee were all contenders to join those others who have been honoured with this award, such as Wiggins and Flintoff. On the 18th, Britain TV viewing public gathered to award Andy Murray the accolade in 2016 again, due to his exceptional performance across his field of endeavour and for his dedication and passion for Britain and sport. 

However, the point I always reflect upon of the winner of SPOTY is the word “Personality” defined in the Oxford English dictionary “The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character”.  I wholly accept and recognise that all nominees are undoubtedly sporting greats but are we the voting public, voting on sporting achievement for the year or the personality. In Andy Murray’s case I do believe he is both a personality and in 2016 achieved more than he could have hoped for on the tennis courts so a worthy winner.

Naturally I reflect upon recruitment and the importance in defining either the role you seek or hire. This will determine the success of the appointment and career development. Get it wrong and the expense will be disproportionately high to the original investment. Thus we wish to support those who show their commitment and love to the field in which they work, and thus they thrive and excel as they go from strength to strength. Here at ABPM, we invest as much of our effort and expertise at the start of the process as we do to the conclusion of our service to you. The upfront expertise you receive is dedicated to helping you to find the career that will inspire you to be the best, and pursue you goals. I and my team are on hand to support you and look forward to hearing from you. 

Finally, let me and my team wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope you have a peaceful and productive 2017. 

Rej Abraham Managing Director

Any more surprises in 2016....?
1st Nov 2016

Britain would never leave the EU. Donald Trump could never become President of America. Great British Bake Off would forever be a staple of BBC One, the passing of the timeless David Bowie and Lemmy of Motorhead, icons Muhammad Ali and Prince to highlight a small selection of unexpected events.  What else that is unexpected lies ahead in 2016? Our reaction to each of these and other events we have met with surprise, downright incredulity and sadness tinged with the fondness.  I would suspect the biggest shock of 2016, whether you were up all night following the elections, or decided just to wait and see and went to bed, was on the morning of the 9th November, and I don’t doubt you checked and double checked the news - Donald J Trump had actually been elected as the most powerful man on the planet.

After the initial shock, as the majority of his policies made us think ‘wow imagine if he actually became President of the US of A’ have all of a sudden become a stark reality. The world watched as many Americans wept at the realisation of how many among them still harboured support for opinions of racism and misogyny. Unexpected was the volume of votes from white women, for Mr Trump despite the evidence seen of him objectifying and assaulting women. Baffling that how this population can favour such a man rather than choosing the first female President.

We observe with the interest the impact of Trump’s appointment: protectionist trade agendas; the restricted movement of labour across national boundaries with a focus on those that will be deported and blocked from entering the USA; personal safety for those who will be targeted by racists because of the colour of the skin or religion. Even in the first week of Trump’s Presidency, there has been a rise in hate crimes, and people are panicking. Should they stay and hope the conflict situation fades, or should they leave America? Indeed, hours after Trump was elected, the Canadian immigration website crashed as people made plans to flee northwards. Citizens who were settled in America are worried wondering what they do now.

However, the initial shock is over and Trump’s presidency is beginning and now the world adjusts to the change and it (the world) will have to embrace the change that is afoot to understand how to work with USA and its new leader to the benefit of all. As in the world around us change will often take place in the work place – change that can be driven by you or borne of events outside your control. Either way we as career advisors seek to provide the expert guidance to your career development. This can take the shape of short term solutions borne of a needs must situation or long term career planning. Either way we seek to be the trusted advisor and wise counsel to support the journey to your ideal career, steering you through any hiccups you may encounter, until you achieve that which you set out to do. We are on hand to assist and we look forward to hearing from you

Rej Abraham -  Managing Director


The Presidential Election: Decisions, decisions.
1st Oct 2016

When the Presidential campaigns began, we were bemused at Donald Trump; his outrageous policies like the wall around Mexico, and the ludicrous comments he made. Many actors and TV stars imitated him, the Internet blew up with jokes about him and we continued to chuckle to ourselves about how ridiculous this Presidential candidate is. Now, with less than a month to go until the election on the 8th November, Trump is still saying outrageous things, but we’re not laughing quite as much any more – this man is actually a contender to become the most powerful person in the world.

When asked who they’re voting for, many Americans simply reply; ‘Not Trump’. For many, this poses another problem, because the answer to ‘Not Trump’, is Hillary Clinton. While many people consider her to be a suitable candidate, a prominent figure in American politics for some time, she has been painted by some as an untrustworthy figure, due to dislike of her husband, former President Bill Clinton or distrust of her secretive  activities and actions. Many Americans don’t want her running the country for this reason either, leaving them in a position of voting either ‘Not Trump’ or ‘Not Clinton’.

While the United States are facing the prospect of one of these candidates becoming President in less than a month, we are forced to ponder the difficulty of the decision they have to make. Indeed, there are many times in your career when we are faced with life changing decisions, such as this one, and for some, the answer is not always clear cut. We recognise that this will affect family, friends and you financially, so we are here to ensure we provide the advice to enable you to consider the options carefully and before you take a leap of faith into the next phase of your career.

Here at ABPM, we understand that you have to make many decisions regarding your career, and we are dedicated to making sure that you have all the information and support you need to help make an informed decision, no matter how difficult it may seem. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your way in your career.


Rej Abraham Managing Director

Olympic Glory
1st Sep 2016

Summer has now well and truly drawn to its close (all be it seems to have given us one last wonderful memento thanks to Hurricane Hermine), and with it, the end of the Rio Olympics part 1 and anticipate the excitement of the Paralympics. Yet we can welcome back our GB athletes with a well-deserved pat on the back; Adam Peaty’s record breaking gold, to Jason Kenny earning the title of most successful GB Olympian, to Nicole Adams gold in boxing, the Olympians accumulated twenty-seven gold medals, while in the Paralympics our current gold medal count is an impressive twenty-eight and counting.


 But its not just our own men and women whose astonishing efforts we admire, but also great athletes, such as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, both of whom demonstrate superhuman speed either in the water or out. As we watched in awe we were forced to wonder what goes into making an Olympian. Some of it may just be down to luck of the genetic draw, but reality is that talent is accompanied by determination, perseverance and years and years of gruelling training sessions day in day out. As the saying goes hard work will beat lazy talent so we look to Laura Trott whose early years and ill health would never have led us to believe that her astonishing achievements would ever have been possible.


However, one of the main keys to success is the group of people guiding, coaching, shouting from the side of the pool/ring/river/track; the coaches. These men and women share their expertise on how the athletes can improve, as well as constantly driving them onto be the best, while instilling confidence and discipline. Glen Mills, the Jamaican sprint coach of the likes of Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and co, was described by Bolt as doing exactly that – ‘…coach is always there to say “Don’t worry, I know what I can do to make you run faster, and what you need to do to go faster”.’ * Meanwhile in GB, the cycling coach David Brailsford, who coached Olympians such as Victoria Pendelton to success in London 2012, is described as ‘a “details guy” with a clear strategic vision’. This quality in a coach is the ability to see the end goal and enable the athletes reach their full potential.


Similarly in your career goals it is the unseen advice and guidance accompanying the “hard yards” in the work place and in personal development through ongoing studying and CPD that ABPM seek to provide. Not simply setting you up for next job (lap time) but enabling you to fulfil your career ambitions. Here at ABPM, we are dedicated to advising, coaching and helping you to become the most successful you can be. With over twenty five years of experience, we are committed to identifying and allowing you to nurture the financial management talents which motivate you and identify the opportunities to utilise them to advance along your career path. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and begin the journey to achieving your career goals.


Rej Abraham Managing Director

High quality customer service, is that what it is all about?
1st Aug 2016

High quality customer service, is that what it is all about?

As we enter August, we are now well and truly in the grips of summer, slapping on the sun cream and jetting off around the world in search of sunshine (not withstanding the glorious weather in the UK!)

I myself have recently returned from a trip to the beautiful sunny Greek island of Kos and enjoyed a week of excellent food, weather and entertainment (I do have a point to this, I'm not just bragging). One of the things that stood out particularly was the brilliant service provided by those working in the resort; calm and discreet, efficient and friendly. Throughout the week they were on hand to provide knowledgeable advice on the island and the hotels facilities, and that was the feature that made the holiday as good as it was, as it helped to provide an exceptional level of service and make us feel as comfortable as possible. Nothing seemed like too much trouble.

Consequently, having been on the receiving end of a high quality service I reflected on my industry and my own firm. I think the key point that emerged from my reflections was as follows. That which looks efficient, effective and appealing to the customer is usually the result of proven expertise, relevant training and an unswerving application of best practices.

This is something that is vital in any customer service business, and something that we here at ABPM prioritise. With our experience of recruitment, we at ABPM are on hand to be the trusted advisor to your career plans, so please do not hesitate to contact us whether it is with your need to understand options open to you and or, if you are leaders of finance teams, how you may need the right support or resource to enable you to maximise your potential. Here at ABPM, we are dedicated to equipping you with the guidance and preparation that bring out the attributes which allow you to align to achieve your career goals.





Rej Abraham Managing Director

Expect the unexpected and have a plan come what may
1st Jul 2016


Expect the unexpected and have a plan come what may

Following a democratic process Brexit came as a shock to many but the bigger shock has to be the complete lack of evidence of any planning for the result. Worse still has been the anaemic levels of leadership and guidance from those that allegedly lead our country. Much more evident is the self-serving behaviour of personal agendas. The leave result raises numerous questions and issues but undoubtedly the fact, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the result and the tactics employed by the campaigners, a democratic process was conducted. The turnout was high and one man one vote approach prevailed to provide the view of the majority. As an interesting aside if a similar process was run at general elections who would lead the country.

The upshot of this is all self-evident: a crisis. However, to use a quote from Winston Churchill “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won”. And do we have a number of difficulties to master not least of all the uncertainties that face the UK across government, the economy, banking, education and the population. Interestingly it is the leaders outside of government who have stepped forward and focused on the way ahead for the UK, Mark Carney, FTSE 100 CEO’s and the country’s commentators. Until the leadership of the country resolves itself the onus will be on the individuals of the UK to press ahead. However, if nothing else the referendum has given us an opportunity to revisit much.

The knock on effects could also impact on careers and employment; Therefore the question I ask is whether you have a plan for the unexpected. I and the team at ABPM are on hand to support you when the unexpected happens utilising our 25 plus years of team building and career development.

We at ABPM are on hand to be the trusted advisor to your career plans, so please do not hesitate to contact us whether it is with your need to understand options open to you and or, if you are leaders of finance teams, how you may need the right support or resource to enable you to maximise your potential. Here at ABPM, we are dedicated to equipping you with the guidance and preparation that bring out the attributes which allow you to align to achieve your career goals. 


Rej Abraham Managing Director
Countdown to Rio
1st Jun 2016

Two months to go until Rio welcomes the world to its’ shores for the 31st Olympic Games. Only two more months until we get to watch two weeks of the world’s greatest athletes making history once again.

So how are our Olympians looking in the countdown to Rio? Golden girl Jessica Ennis-Hill was looking good at her first competition of the season at Loughborough, with no difficulties from her troublesome Achilles. Jess Andrews qualified for the Olympic team when she won the 10,000m at the British trials and long jump champion Greg Rutherford was fighting fit as he won Manchester’s Great City Games. Great Britain’s swimmers also stormed to success at the European Championships, securing themselves second place on the medals table as Adam Peaty and co achieved seven gold medals.

Needless to say, we’re looking alright. The GB team is very fortunate to have some of the best athletes in the world – some would say we are very lucky. But as Seneca said, ‘Luck is what happens when preparations meets opportunity’ and this applies to the Olympians. True the likes of Usain Bolt are naturally incredibly gifted, but these are gifts that are nurtured and strengthened by intensive training and constant preparation.

However, due regard needs to be given to the challenges of competing in South America – climate, infrastructure and the looming threat of the Zika virus. The athletes of the world will be taking into account all the external factors that could influence performance and their pursuit of Gold. How? Advice and guidance from experts, mentors and sources of intelligence and accordingly adjust their plans in their ambition to win gold.

Similarly, we at ABPM are on hand to be the trusted advisor to your career plans, so please do not hesitate to contact us whether it is with your need to understand options open to you and or, if you are leaders of finance teams, how you may need the right support or resource to enable you to maximise your potential. Here at ABPM, we are dedicated to equipping you with the guidance and preparation that bring out the attributes which allow you to align to achieve your career goals.


Rej Abraham Managing Director
Should I stay or should I go now?
1st May 2016

Should I stay or should I go now?

If I go there will be trouble

An' if I stay it will be double

So come on and let me know


The lyrics of the song by the Clash seem particularly relevant to the population of the UK as the leaders of the In or Out Brexit campaign try and guide our thinking.


With the 23rd June and the EU referendum drawing ever closer, many an individual in the UK is beginning to consider how they would be affected if we are to separate ourselves from the EU. The most obvious potential changes would be seen in business relations, migration and politics, but what about in the employment and recruitment sectors?


On the one hand, many experts state that we would see very few immediate changes in employment. For instance, leaving the EU, we would still maintain trade links with many of its member states, still largely abiding by similar laws. Furthermore, many laws introduced into the workplace by the EU, such as longer paid maternity leave, has now become commonplace in the UK, and so would remain for the most part, untouched.


However, if the vote to leave does triumph, then we will find ourselves where we step into the unknown, so we cannot say definitively that the effects on recruitment and employment will only be minor. Indeed, the changes in migration law alone will have an impact; the UK’s current shortage in skilled and unskilled workers will only be exacerbated if we then prevent workers from entering the country. The effect of this on businesses in the UK, and then on our economy, combined with the beliefs that our economy and trading links will be weakened by the separation makes one consider what our economic standing in the world will be if we were to turn our backs on the EU.


The effects of Brexit remain unclear, and undoubtedly will continue to do so for some time, so it is impossible to predict with confidence what the consequences will be for employment in the UK. The lack of clarity of outcome of an in or out decision is confused by the lack of tangible advice provided by either side.


Can you imagine deciding on career options with this level of uncertainty pervading your thinking? Therefore in your decisions to stay or go to new opportunities, you must be supported by informed advisors. We at ABPM are such advisors, with our twenty five plus years of recruitment history and knowledge concerning the market place and career advice are on hand to support.


Rej Abraham Managing Director

Grand Slam 2016
1st Apr 2016

If you are unaware of England's recent victory over France in the fifth round of the Six Nations, securing themselves their first Grand Slam in thirteen years, I am forced to ask where you have been in the last month. The Winning of the Grand Slam is testament to Eddie Jones' effective introduction of new players and approach to how England train and play. 

Two introductions to the team that have attracted particular attention are the second row pairing that only recently stormed onto the international scene; George Kruis and Maro Itoje. The pair are already favourites at Saracens (boo hiss from the Tigers contingents I am sure), and are fast becoming the same in the England line up, following the part they played in England's success. 

Eddie Jones does not have magical qualities in turning forlorn and sorry looking World cup failures to potentially the most exciting squad to emerge in over a decade. But what he has done is instil an enjoyable environment where a good work ethic, teamwork, commitment, ownership and personal development in the individuals that make up the English squad are evident. At a playing level that has translated into their ability to work well together that creates fast-paced play and line outs that are 'fluid and instantaneous', giving England the edge over the opposing team immediately. Notably Messrs Kruis and Itoje have achieved these levels of compatibility through the hours they have dedicated both on and off the pitch. As Kruis stated in a recent interview with the Telegraph, "What underpins both [their] games is hard work". Not a revolutionary concept, it's true, but one which rarely fails to prove successful, and not just in rugby. 

Similarly, your careers need to be considered in a similar vein concerning the inputs you receive from the coaches to your career (Manager, tutor, etc.) and how you are developing your career brand. 

At ABPM, we work to create partnerships with our candidates that enable us to understand their strengths and utilise these as they pursue their own goals in their careers. Like Kuris and Itoje, are you candidates waiting to burst onto the scene and create a stir; here at ABPM, my team and I are dedicated to helping you to achieve this.


Rej Abraham Managing Director
Six Nations
1st Mar 2016

England’s run – luck or strategic?

It only seems like yesterday that we were all talking about the World Cup and Wale’s victory over England and here we all are watching the Six Nations.

England with an injection of new people and a totally new leadership group, also now have the famous Head Coach Eddie Jones who you will all remember for leading Japan to the world shocking victory over South Africa. So what has Eddie Jones changed or done differently?

In an interview new boy on the block George Kruis was celebrating the resurgence of English Rugby quoting that “England are now training in different ways” they now “have more clarity in their plans” and it seems like that players are taking more pride in personal development through this new regime.

Looking in to the camp as an outsider we can see a transformation in England’s performance during the Six Nations compared to their poor attempt at the World Cup. So they have a new leadership group, new training methods, they are more focussed and have clarity in their plans…. Something we have or should have in our working life or planned in for our own career development?

The answer should be yes, we should all be looking for a business that can offer the above and at times we should also look at training ourselves and our own personal development. There are many ways to either find the right company offering this focus or for you to do it yourself. Whatever your needs or careers goals maybe we can help.

At ABPM my team and I do go that extra mile when assisting our candidates. We are on hand to take you through what to expect from making sure your CV represents you correctly, the interview process up and beyond helping your with your resignation.  

Whatever you may need my team and I will be on hand from your very first phone call.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with us please call ABPM.

We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

1st Jan 2016


We are experiencing a very high volume of vacancies currently in the market, with both past and new clients approaching us for assistance. Clients more than ever seek our support to identify the talent for their teams.

We currently have a number of PERMANENT, CONTRACT & TEMPORARY vacancies across the full range of clients from SME to a FTSE 100 in the Midlands.


Internal Auditors £30,000 - £60,000 East & West Midlands, Practice and Industry

Permanent & Contract


Commercial Manager £40,000 - £45,000 Northamptonshire

Temporary (may lead to permanent)


Internal Audit Manager £50,000 - £60,000 West Midlands, Industry



Financial Accountant £35,000 - £45,000 Nottinghamshire



Audit Manager £45,000 - £50,000 Nottinghamshire

6 months FTC


Financial Controller £45,000 - £50,000 Derbyshire



Finance Manager £45,000 - £50,000 Leicestershire



Please visit our website to see a full listing of other available positions throughout the Midlands

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with us please call ABPM, we would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

All the best from ABPM!
23rd Dec 2015

On the first day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
A mince pie and a CV

On the second day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the third day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the fourth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the fifth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the sixth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the seventh day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Seven Clerks a counting
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the eighth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Eight LinkedIn contacts
Seven Clerks a counting
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the ninth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Nine Tax Consultants
Eight LinkedIn contacts
Seven Clerks a counting
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the tenth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Ten Christmas puddings
Nine Tax Consultants
Eight LinkedIn contacts
Seven Clerks a counting
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the eleventh day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Eleven Bankers banking
Ten Christmas puddings
Nine Tax Consultants
Eight LinkedIn contacts
Seven Clerks a counting
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

On the twelfth day of Christmas
My agent sent to me:
Twelve Audit Managers
Eleven Bankers banking
Ten Christmas puddings
Nine Tax Consultants
Eight LinkedIn contacts
Seven Clerks a counting
Six Cash Controllers
Five CFOs!
Four business cards
Three fresh grads
Two FCAs
And a mince pie and a CV

Thank you to Matt Byrne @ Blues Point Ltd for his assistance!



The Great British Bake Off
1st Nov 2015

Was winning the competition a piece of cake?

12 candidates, 11 weeks of different styles of baking and not to mention what a tough pair Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are to impress.

Imagine going through an assessment process similar to the Bake Off. Paul Hollywood being your CEO, Mary Berry being the recruiting Line Manager, with Sue and Mel being the HR team.  Companies are introducing similar assessment processes within their interviewing structure. When applying for new opportunities how would you handle it?

Hats off to all participants, especially the three finalists and Nadiya for winning the competition. A very tough process and competition from likeminded talented individuals.

The world of applying for new opportunities can be very similar to the Bake Off, you are a one amongst many having to go through many rounds before you reach that final interview and win. Assessment days/centres and psychometric testing have become more common and a normal part of the recruitment process.

How prepared are you? When did you last attend a similar process?

How would you compare if you were to seek new opportunities, could you go through tough rounds, could you compete with likeminded candidates after the same opportunity?

Questions, questions, questions…
At ABPM my team and I do go that extra mile when securing our candidates their interview. We are on hand to take you through what to expect from your interview, the style of questions you could face and would invite you to meet us again prior to the interview should you need further assistance.

Whatever you may need my team and I will be on hand from your very first phone call.
If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with us please call ABPM.

We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

Warren Gatland – Genius or lucky?
1st Oct 2015

Always an honour to host a big sporting event and what an exciting and unexpected set of results.

Talking moment of this year’s World Cup to date is Japan’s victory over South Africa. How did Japan manage the biggest upset of this year’s tournament, not to mention Wales and Australia beating England?

Japan played a very smart game of Rugby, keeping it simple, doing the basics very well, being brave and most importantly pushing themselves to be the best team on that pitch on the day. They had the South Africans under pressure in the first half, resulting in “The boks” conceding the highest number of points they have ever conceded in a World Cup tournament. Similarly dare I say it Warren Gatland, Michael Cheika and Australia out smarted the English with excellent team management and adapting their people resources for the challenges of the day. The Welsh coach in particular found an interim and short term solution to obtain the end result they wanted.

I always find it astonishing how similar the philosophy of recruitment is to sport. I give my candidates the same advice when discussing their career prospects with them, whether they are looking for internal promotion or a new challenge; “keep it simple”, “do the basics with excellence”, “be brave” and “push yourself” These habits are a vital part of everyday life. You may be pushing for a promotion, or wishing to develop your knowledge, or as an employer you may be looking for the “Gatland solution” a short term, interim solution for year-end or extra workload caused by projects created.

Whatever your need may be as a client or candidate we can assist with interim, contract or permanent solutions. Here at ABPM we don’t just help you when you are looking to your next career move, our service and relationship with you goes beyond. My candidates/clients tend to stay in touch with me and call me on occasions for assistance or advice regarding their career. A true moment of satisfaction when this happens, knowing that I have proved to be a trusted advisor. So whether I am coaching/training my team or advising candidates the above; “keep it simple”, “do the basics with excellence”, “be brave” and “push yourself” are  great principles for success in your career.

Whatever assistance you may need my team and I will be on hand from the very first phone call to aid you through the process.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

The Ashes Concluded
1st Sep 2015

What can we take from this win?

Did home advantage play a part in England’s win? Yes when the pitches were prepared for English conditions definitely favoured the English bowling attack.

The series saw one side dominating each Test match, why the exaggerated performance by either side on each occasion? So what lead to these dramatic changes? Internal and external factors need to be considered, frame of mind, confidence, team selection, individuals, technique, management and leadership.

So going back to my original question; what can we take from this win? Relating this philosophy to our career, team and work life, we should develop our strengths and mitigate against identified weaknesses. Do we always look at the dynamics within our team when recruiting, do we look at our team and think what is missing to make it stronger and a complete team? You will know how vital it is to have strong, focused members within our team in each department. Equally it is vital to have tomorrow’s talent feeding through to ensure you always have the depth and resource.

In a similar vein finance professionals should look to their progress within their current role, organisation and personal development. Whether you are a recruiting manager or candidate looking for your next career move, when you talk to myself or a member of ABPM it is crucial to us that we have a productive meeting talking about your skills and what you can do for your next employer or as a recruiting manager, the skills your team lacks or what we need to do for you to enhance team’s performance.

Whatever assistance you may need my team and I will be on hand from the very first phone call to the last to aid you through the process.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with
us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Onto the Rugby World Cup………

Rej Abraham Managing Director

The Ashes Part 2
1st Aug 2015

Did the teams learn from the last Ashes?

Having lost the last series would England bounce back? Can home advantage go in England’s favour? England started the first test well and won, to then have their bottoms smacked in the second test. What have England and Australia learnt from the first series, have they changed their preparation, coaching and training? Can we really answer these questions? No.

On the other hand taking a look at our national women’s teams in football and cricket quite the opposite in performance. The women’s football team coming third in the World Cup, the women’s cricket team have had a great start in the Ashes. Are the women’s team more determined, driven and hungry for success or have they a point to prove?

We cannot really answer any of these question we can just observe and learn. However as outsiders or supporters looking in we will all be thinking about these questions and hoping that there will be some change; in selection, in training, in coaching and attitude.

Do we as professionals in our working life think about these questions to enhance our career? Do we as managers use the sporting tactic within our company, department or team? This question we can answer and the answer should be YES. Coaching, training, preparation and development of our staff and of our selves is vital to be an outstanding player within our chosen career path.

As an MD of a successful recruitment business I am a keen believer in training, coaching and development. I have invested in resource to aid my team be better at what they do and the service we provide. They are also equipped to provide the same assistance to their candidates to aid them throughout the recruitment/interview process.

Whatever assistance you may need my team and I will be on hand from the very first phone call to the last to aid you through your career development.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your career to date with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director
Women’s World Cup 2015
1st Jul 2015

Has the recent and current sporting highlight of late in the shape of the Women’s World Cup taking place in Canada, been given the visibility and profile it should deserve?. Women’s football in the past has been dismissed, except in a few notable nations such as Italy and the USA perhaps, not given the importance it deserves and maybe not even watched by many football fans. Times are changing; Women’s football is as exciting and watched like any other major sporting event. Comparing the likes of Messi and Ronaldo to Marta (from Brazil) or Alex Morgan (USA) there are many exciting players representing their country and worth watching.

In an interesting parallel to careers in corporate life, but not as pronounced I accept,  it is noteworthy the women who represent our country, investing in their careers find themselves comparatively less well rewarded than their male counterparts.. Why? In modern Britain, despite the1970 Equal Pay Act, women still earn less than men. The gender pay gap remains the clearest and most dramatic example of economic inequality for women today. The overall pay gap stands at 19.1 per cent (2014) measured by median gross hourly pay (1). Whilst the gap has fallen significantly from 27.5% in 1997, this figure is still above the EU 2014 average of 16.4%, a range which includes Slovenia at 3.2% and Estonia at 29.9% (2). The pay gaps vary between men and women in different groups, such as age, education, and employment and some women earn similar incomes to their male equivalents, but many more earn less. Lower earnings over a lifetime usually lead to lower savings, smaller pensions and less economic independence than men.

Looking around the world and seeing the success many women have had it is hard to believe that there is still such a difference in pay. More CEOs, more industries, more power, more challenges. That’s the story of Fortune’s 2014 ranking of the 50 Most Powerful Women in ­Business, which features an all-time record of 24 large-company CEOs in its pages. Our women are leading—and in many cases pushing through difficult transformations—in heavy industries such as tech, energy, defense, and autos. Ginni Rometty, No. 1 for the third time running, continues to retool IBM. No. 2, Mary Barra, must fix General Motors from the inside out. And Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin and our fourth-ranked woman, is looking beyond defense for growth. Today eight of our top 10 MPW lead large industrial, tech, and consumer products companies.

It’s a long way from our original 1998 list, on which, we noted at the time, most members “came from industries with a premium on creativity,” such as advertising, media, and publishing, with “no top women at blue-chip firms.” Creativity is still a requirement for success, of course, but you no longer have to work in a “creative” industry to advance as a woman. Another common denominator is change: Seven of our top 50 were named to their jobs in the past year, and nine are newcomers to the list. That suggests more turnover at the upper echelons of business—which, it’s fair to say, is a very good thing for a whole lot of powerful women.Our service and promise to our candidates is that we will actively work on their behalf and talk to companies that are of interest to them and companies that we have discussed with you prior. If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your career to date with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

Employment Post Election
1st Jun 2015

Employment after Election 2015

PM’s view on matters…
Britain under the Conservatives will have the highest employment rate in the developed world and a job “for everyone who wants one” by 2020, said David Cameron. Outlining one of his most audacious targets for another term as Prime Minister, Mr. Cameron said his party would help business to create a further two million jobs– taking it ahead of Germany and Japan and bringing it close to what he described as “effective full employment”. 

He said it would be achieved by working through the Government's plan for full employment set out earlier this year, including backing business, keeping jobs taxes low, cutting red tape, and investing in infrastructure.

BoE’s view on matters…
First is the question of the amount of spare capacity in the labour market. The Bank’s latest judgment is that there has been some slight narrowing of slack which should put pressure on wages, although it has warned it may take “longer than usual” this time around. Add the prospect that wages may now be less sensitive to a given level of slack, an idea already tested by others, and the idea that recent absorption of spare capacity will be enough to fuel the fires of wage recovery looks increasingly tentative.

Second, low inflation, while helping real pay growth in the here-and-now, might ultimately prove self-defeating. The Bank raises concerns that today’s ultra-low inflation rate might weigh down on wage-setting decisions by firms, or leave workers satisfied with smaller pay increases. A full-blown deflationary spiral remains unlikely, but these judgments highlight the fact that inflation really can’t do any more of the heavy lifting than it’s already done in terms of boosting pay.

ABPM’s view on matters…
We have seen and are seeing a high demand for quality, qualified Accountancy candidates throughout the East & West Midlands with most companies looking at paying market leading salaries for the right candidate. Recruitment is on the up and the availability of quality candidates is low thus finding our clients reacting positively to the introduction of new candidates. If you have found yourself stuck in a career with no progression or limited salary prospects why not consider your options?

Our service & promise to our candidates is that we will actively work on their behalf and talk to companies that is of interest to them and companies that we have discussed with you prior. We listen to you and make suggestions of suitable companies in the relevant area, giving you all the options and final say in where we send your CV. All the help and assistance along the way is available from ABPM, until the day we secure you your desired new role. If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your career to date with us please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

The Ashes.....
8th May 2015

The Ashes are eagerly anticipated as always;
The widely differing fortunes of the Australians and English teams over the past 3 years provides food for thought...

Let’s take a look at 2 teams; Australia and England.
Whilst the former performed so well winning the world cup and the other has fallen away from their world No1 status in only a few short years.

Let’s take a look at 2 teams; Australia and England.Whilst the former performed so well winning the world cup and the other has fallen away from their world No1 status in only a few short years.

Australia faced the retirement and departure of world class players and had to go back to basics. Their management team and coaching staff identified their training needs and coached accordingly and developed players. Watching Australia play you could see the organisation and team spirit that comes from training and development. England on the other hand quite the opposite in all areas and this showed in their performance and unfortunate early exit in the world cup.

Relating the above to the world of careers, planning, preparation, training and selection is vital to achieve career ambition. Our techniques enable us to place candidates with a company and in a role that will offer them the correct training and development to enhance their career. With 25 years in the business I still live by this rule and have always made sure that I have the right team in place and provide them with the relevant training and coaching to meet our candidates’ needs as we assist them on their career journey.

My company and I work in a very similar pattern with our candidates where we identify candidates strengths, abilities and aptitudes very carefully through our interviewing and selection process and support accordingly; giving interview and CV advice where needed. The interviewing process ensures that we listen to our candidates and provide them with the solution that they require. We also appreciate that some of our candidates have not had to do a CV or attend an interview for some time hence providing them with advice and guidance on their CV and interview preparation and career coaching.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss your career to date with us
please call ABPM. We would be delighted to assist.
Rej Abraham Managing Director

Employment on the Increase
31st Mar 2015

In January, number of people in work rose by 143,000 to a record 30.94m Britain’s employment rate at a high of 73.3pc

In the words of Chancellor George Osborne……….

“Today, I report on a Britain that is growing, creating jobs and paying its way. We took difficult decisions in the teeth of opposition and it worked — Britain is walking tall again”

“And where is employment growing fastest? The Northwest, Where is a job being created every 10 minutes? The Midlands, and which county has created more jobs than the whole of France? The great county of Yorkshire”

In Q2 &Q3 of 2015, many have predicted that the economy will start to accelerate due to an expansion in manufacturing, energy and construction.

Co-Head of a leading banking group, says that businesses of all sizes are growing in confidence. "The average person has more money in his pocket and that is benefitting businesses of all sizes. Construction is booming, manufacturing is growing very swiftly and the leisure industry is now picking up."

With employment on the up, inflation at a record low and no signs of interest rates going up soon, organisations are more confident and have a positive outlook for growth. With plenty of movement within the employment market, when was the last time you looked at new opportunities or options to enhance your career?

As a recruiter throughout the East & West Midlands we have seen an increase in demand for recently qualified accountants and experienced candidates alike. We are ideally positioned in dialogue with our clients to be involved in their current and future recruitment plans moving further in to 2015.

If you would welcome the opportunity to discuss our current list of assignments with you and assist you throughout the process of career development, including interview advice, CV advice and much more.

Call ABPM to discuss your next career move or email us. We would be delighted to assist.

Rej Abraham Managing Director

General Elections!
27th Feb 2015
What affects will the General election have on the labour market?

As we move rapidly towards the next general election, all eyes are on the ideas from the political parties to deliver good growth, employment, reform government and help lift standards of living. What affect can we see on the Labour Market and employment in 2015?

As the economic recovery continues and the elections loom, 50% of British businesses are planning to take on extra workers this year, but skills shortage could stop jobs being filled.

All regions of the UK stand to benefit, while Scotland has the biggest plans for the job creation. Employers also said they would give workers pay raises this year, though at a “cautious rate” as productivity remains weak and competition tough.

Among firms polled for the employment trends survey 2014, 43% said they were planning pay rises in line with the retail prices index (RPI), at 2%. About 12% said they would hand workers’ pay rises above the RPI measure.

UK workers are finally benefitting from a rise in real wages – where pay growth outstrips inflation – after six years of decline. The report found that more permanent than temporary jobs would be created.

Businesses are concerned that they would not be able to fill some jobs because of a lack of suitably skilled candidates. This, as well as worries over regulation directed at the flexible labour market, were considered the biggest workforce threats to UK competitiveness. It’s a concern that the UK’s growing skills gap is now seen as the number one workforce threat to the long-term health of its economy.

The issue is likely to be debated by politicians in the run-up to the general election in May 2015.

What real changes can you see after the election?

We as a business are discussing matters with our clients to get their thoughts and enable ourselves to be better placed knowing their plans this year. This positions ABPM ahead of the competition knowing who will be recruiting and expanding to advise our candidates of the right career opportunities.

When you consider your next move, call ABPM to discuss how we can assist in your search for your next career move.


Rej Abraham

Managing Director

Career Paths of Choice
2nd Feb 2015

ABPM Recruitment Ltd – Experts in Financial Recruitment

ABPM Recruitment Ltd is a leading recruiter from Board level to middle management. Well regarded by clients, candidates and its peer group, the business has delivered excellent results since its inception in 1990. We host a team of recruitment professionals with > 50 years’ experience. This expertise is brought to bear on each and every client assignment and candidate seeking our assistance.

Being experts within our sector and obtaining new assignments and market intelligence on a daily basis, when the timing is right for you we are ideally placed to support you. This includes information on locally based opportunities, the most effective way we can assist in identifying new opportunities, CV writing, interview practice and much more.

Consultative Meeting

As the economy is improving we have evidenced a growth in the number of career opportunities registered over the last 6 months (over 40% increase on the same period last year) At ABPM, of course we are here to find the best candidates for our clients.  But we are also here to maximise your potential as a candidate, to help you to secure you a career path of your choice.

Our professional and informed Consultants at ABPM will go out of their way to assist you. We willingly conduct our career discussion meetings onsite, off site, at a time of the day to fit in with your busy schedule.

Beat the competition

The global economic downturn undoubtedly hindered career development, but five years on, careers in Accountancy is regaining its strength. Confidence has returned, and with this renewed optimism comes jobs market momentum. Employers are eager to build up their teams - using both permanent and temporary professionals - ambitious employees are well positioned to be considering their next career opportunity.

Heading into 2015, there is an optimistic outlook - business leaders, employees and members of the investment community. Cash-rich investors are willing to invest evidenced by the spike in M&A and corporate finance activity. But, and there is a but, after their experiences in 2008-13, they are looking for greater transparency, control, process and reporting. As such, compliance and regulatory initiatives are adding further fuel to the financial jobs market. This is encouraging many to increase their pay offer to secure the talent that is available - causing salary inflation within the sector as highlighted in the recent economic announcements.

With over 24 years as career advisors to Accountants, ABPM are one of the preferred agencies to clients within the East and West Midlands. In order to have your CV noticed and not added to the CV pile on the Hiring Managers desk contact ABPM today to discuss your next career move. Do utilise ABPM’s services to access many of the most exciting opportunities in the Midlands. Look at the company we keep.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Rej Abraham
Managing Director


Tel: 01509 678200

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Consider your career option in 2015
21st Jan 2015

Who are ABPM?

ABPM Recruitment Ltd is a leading recruiter from Board level to middle management. Well regarded by clients, candidates and its peer group, the business has delivered excellent results since its inception in 1990. We host a team of recruitment professionals with > 50 years’ experience. This expertise is brought to bear on each and every client assignment and candidate seeking our assistance.

Being experts within our sector and obtaining new assignments and market intelligence on a daily basis, when the timing is right for you we are ideally placed to support you. This includes information on locally based opportunities, the most effective way we can assist in identifying new opportunities, CV writing, interview practice and much more.

Helping you land your dream job

At ABPM we understand that many of our candidates may not have interviewed for many years as they may have been working in the same role, with the same company for a number of years. As part of our consultative work, we offer advice to all of our candidates on the presentation of their CV, ensuring that your CV stands out and is not the one left on the pile. We assist you on how to prepare for the interview, with what questions to ask and what to expect in return from your interviewee. 

With the UK economy growing at the fastest rate since the credit crunch and ensuing recession, employers appear increasingly eager to build their finance teams. More than one in three (36 per cent) chief financial officers (CFOs) surveyed, were expecting to increase permanent finance headcount in the first six months of 2014 and another 55 per cent will be filling vacated roles.

When questioned about their motivation for hiring accountants, CFOs said rising workloads (71 per cent) was the key motivator. The desire to penetrate new markets (55 per cent) and expand the range of products and services available (38 per cent) were other common reasons for taking on - or intending to hire - new staff members. More than eight in 10 (83 per cent) CFOs said they are confident about growth prospects in the UK, up from the 70 per cent who expressed positivity this time last year. An even higher proportion - 86 per cent - are confident about their own organisation's growth prospects in the current market, up from 84 per cent in 2013. The same positive attitude seems to be present heading in to 2015 and companies are preparing to increase the hiring of talented individuals for their accounts/finance team.

When you consider your next move, call ABPM to discuss how we can assist in your search for your next career move.

Rej Abraham, Managing Director

In perspective: Rej Abraham
17th Nov 2012

Why I value the experience over the result

We did it. We staged the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Games ever and I loved every minute of it. Except, that is, the slump in business over the summer whilst everyone’s attention was elsewhere!  Fortunately, September saw activity levels resurrected and the last quarter of 2012 looks to be the busiest we’ve had since 2 quarter 2011 and that is without the international work. That has also seen a return in the final quarter for the EMEA region.

But let’s not forget about the Olympics just yet: what I enjoyed about the Games more than anything else was the excitement and enjoyment around participation, far more so than the resulting individual successes or failures.  Many athletes met expectations and won medals. Others far exceeded expectation and gave me my most memorable moments. Countries big and small showcased their very best on a world stage demonstrating the most incredible human spirit, the most wonderful teamwork and the most fantastic outcome to a great deal of hard work. And for all the big moments – Mo Farah, Andy Murray, Ellie Simmonds, our rowers, our cyclists and our horseriders - we know there is the collective endeavour of a team behind the scenes making it all possible. What happens on the night determines the medals but it’s the quality of what happens day in and day out that really makes the difference.

And I think it’s the same for our customers: it’s the overall experience that’s key. It’s the quality and consistency of the contact they have with us; it’s knowing that we’ll always be available to offer advice and information on the market, it’s a sense of ‘being in it together’.  Of course they have a goal when they are actively recruiting – the ‘gold medal’ – the right person for the job – but they also want a great experience on the way.  Our customers tell us that they value our knowledge and insight, they trust our rigorous sourcing and pre-screening processes and they value our candid feedback and advice throughout the recruitment process.  They like working with recruiters who care about the details, who do things when they say they will, who deliver a great service consistently.  At ABPM we believe that if we give every customer a great experience, the results will follow. It’s team work, it’s hard work and it’s quite refreshing.

In Question: Nick Sturrock, Senior HR Manager at Noble Foods
16th Nov 2012

Worth over £800m, the egg market in the UK is big and Noble Foods is the leading supplier of eggs and egg products to retailers across the UK. As a member of the Leadership Board for the Egg Products division, Nick is responsible for leading a team of HR professionals in various locations in the UK, to drive change and business re-structure in a fast-paced manufacturing and distribution environment. Nick has a proven track-record of driving business turnaround and transformation.

How did you get to where you are today?
Hard work, perseverance and a very positive attitude!

What three words sum you up best?
Driven, Energetic, Positive.

What's the toughest challenge for HR today?
Driving transformational change to ensure we are adding value and remain commercially focused.

Noble by name; noble by nature?
Absolutely. We’re an ethical business with some fantastic brands in our portfolio including The Happy Egg Company, Eggs for Soldiers and One Good Egg.

Does HR belong in the boardroom?
Yes HR must add value commercially and be involved in the strategic decision making process.

Better to travel or arrive?
Arrive. It means I can start a new journey. I like the sense of achievement of a job well done.

Have you ever had "egg on your face"? 
Not literally although I am sure there may have been times when one or two colleagues would have liked to have thrown an egg in my direction!

What's the best business advice you have ever been given?
To ensure that as a HR professional I have thorough understanding of the business and commercial drivers in order to align HR strategy to support delivery of the business objectives.

What makes you get up for work each day?
Being challenged in multi disciplines.

What can't you live without?
My wife, Jenny!

What's your poison?
One or two beers now and then.

Who is your sporting hero?
Tony Adams was a great leader for Arsenal and England.

Is the future looking good for UK food manufacturing?
Trading conditions are extremely competitive and with what appears to be a continual price increase in raw materials and animal feed further challenges lie ahead.


Who’s in demand
16th Nov 2012

At the Conservative Party conference last month there was some good news for the Midlands with significant investment into the automotive and aerospace industries announced with JLR, Tata Motors and Rolls Royce - further illustration that the region, with its long history of research, innovation and manufacturing in scientific industries, remains key to the UK’s future economic success.

Organisations are hiring, but the process can be fairly protracted with as many as four or even five interview stages as clients are keen to explore all options available to them, holding out for the elusive ‘best talent’.  Competition remains high for the most in-demand candidates, and those organisations who can execute a slick recruitment process without unnecessary delays tend to be successful in hiring at the end of it.

Over the summer months we have not recorded any particular recruitment trends by industry sector, but recent increases in MBO secondary buy out phases has created demand at board level as VCs look to make good on their investments. We are also seeing demand for Financial Controller and Finance Manager level candidates to head teams in subsidiaries of larger corporates and to put greater structure in previously entrepreneurial businesses.


This time last year we were busy with transformation projects and the resulting shake out of people and we are now starting to see re-hiring of different skill sets post transformation to align with the reengineered businesses.  Whilst these roles still require high levels of technical skill, it’s the general commercial and business partnering capabilities of candidates that are determining whether or not offers are made.

On the temporary side, we’ve noticed a spike in pregnancies and the demand for maternity cover roles – traditionally a reason for a temporary hire but perhaps also indicating that teams no longer have spare capacity in their permanent headcount to cover extended absences. 


Candidate caution slows recruitment
16th Nov 2012

Despite some reports of renewed business confidence and plenty of organisations actively hiring, we are finding that it’s not unusual for candidates to get cold feet at the final offer stage.  We asked some active job changers what they need to convince them to commit to moving to a new employer:

“I need to be 100% confident that the business is secure. I don’t want to make a move only to find that as a result of trading conditions the job I’ve taken is under threat a year down the line.”

“I try to find out what the hiring and firing pattern is. Any organisation working on a LIFO principal these days is not an attractive proposition.”

“It’s the devil you know. I’ve seen too many friends and acquaintances fail to make a success of a new career opportunity having been enormously successful where they were before. Perhaps organisations have less time or resource to implement and support adequate induction programmes in the current climate.”

“I need a lot of convincing that there is total support for a new employee beyond just my immediate line manager. When the market conditions are tough it can be harder to make your mark and this might be seen as a weakness.”

“Having got to offer stage and under pressure to make a decision, I realised that perhaps I hadn’t explored fully enough the opportunities with my current employer.   The bottom line is that the market is not certain and career promises are hard to make in these conditions.” 

Employers do need to reassure potential new hires. Of course you need to be honest about company security and trading conditions, and a clear understanding of expectations, job performance, success measures and support structures are essential . A good on-boarding process lasts for at least the first 90 days and will ensure that a new employee has the best possible set up for success in the organisation.  The potential downside of failing to effectively onboard an employee include individual failure in the role, embarrassment to the organisation, resignation or termination resulting in a new hiring process  with the associated costs.  If your potential new hires can see demonstrable evidence of well conducted on-boarding processes, they are far more likely to jump on board too.


In Perspective: Rej Abraham, director, ABPM
1st Jun 2012

The 2012 London Olympics...  the greatest event of the year looms into sight and I for one am very excited, being something of a sports aficionado. I find myself thinking back to notable and obscure incidents from the past – Imran Sherwani celebrating GB hockey’s win at Seoul, Mark Spitz’s seven gold medals at Munich, David Hemery’s sublime gold in Mexico.  And whilst we’re on the subject of winning, how about a quick quiz for all Olympic  ‘anoraks’ like me – can you name the host cities in chronological order since 1945 to the present day? Answers to me by email please   and all correct answers will be entered into a draw for a bottle of champagne.

On a more serious note, business can draw many parallels from the Olympics – indeed there are numerous Olympians sharing their experiences on the business speaker circuit – and from my own experience running a recruitment business (for which, incidentally  London 2012 will be the  6th Olympic Games!)  I thought I’d share my musings on how and why the Olympics is a great metaphor for business.

Great businesses and Olympians have the following seven shared characteristics:

  • A  plan and a strategy to achieve certain objectives
  • A focus on achieving the highest standards and the best results
  • Ongoing training, development and attention to detail gives high quality output
  • Never satisfied with mediocrity: excellence is the only acceptable standard
  • Competition is the stimulus for improved performance
  • Personal and team endeavour is harnessed to achieve collective goals
  • Plans and tactics can be adapted to respond to changing circumstances and unforeseen events

Whether you are going to love it or hate it, this summer’s Olympics is a fabulous opportunity for building engagement with team members.  I’d encourage everyone to positively engage in the impact of the Games and be prepared for any potential disruptions by planning now so that everyone can enjoy the experience as much as possible. I intend to do just that.

Retained business on the rise
1st Jun 2012

We’ve noticed an interesting change in the first quarter of the year, with a significant rise in the number of clients engaging us on a retained basis. Given the current market conditions and economic indicators it is not unusual for clients to challenge recruitment fees and they are certainly demanding more from us so perhaps it seems a little odd to some of you that retained assignments - which involve a degree of upfront investment -  are on the increase given the assumed pressure on fees. The reality is that – and our clients realise this – the likelihood of a successful hire is far greater than relying on a contingent search with several agencies ‘having a go’.

When we accept a retained assignment, we know that our client is absolutely committed to making a successful hire. We are immediately accountable for finding the right person for the role and our client appreciates the value of the time and resources we will invest in securing a successful outcome for both of us. This sense of partnership benefits both client and agent.  

But interestingly, we’ve also noticed a difference in the level of partnership: larger corporates with in-house resourcing teams may drive more of a process-orientated exercise with minimal input from us beyond obtaining a detailed brief and the supply of relevant and fully vetted CVs. Other clients expect a fully project managed service involving search, selection and assessment prior to shortlist submission.
In both cases our service is similarly priced and our approach is structured and methodical. But it is quite clear in my mind who gets the better value for money.

If you’d like to discuss a current or future retained assignment, please contact Rej Abraham on 01509 678200

In Question - Justin Crowther
1st Jun 2012

Justin Crowther is a Director at Catalyst corporate finance in Nottingham. His main responsibilities include advising on MBOs, fund raising, company acquisitions and disposals, as well as leading the healthcare sector team.

How did you get to where you are today?

My Dad was a cost accountant who worked for Courtaulds and then various businesses locally so I always had a fascination with business. I did an economics and business management degree at Newcastle University. The quickest way of getting a job was to apply to the Big 4 - no two-day assault courses that some people who were applying for Mars etc seemed to be doing!  My toughest decision was whether to stay in Newcastle or go home to Nottingham.  After qualifying with KPMG, I worked for Boots as a Corporate Development Analyst before joining Catalyst, an award winning corporate finance advisory business, in 2000.

What three words sum you up best?

Sociable, loyal, secretly (or not) competitive.

How healthy is the Health and Social Care Bill?

Very sick, misconceived and missing the big picture. It’s been tinkered with and watered down to such an extent that I am not sure what purpose it currently serves, and the execution of it will be very challenging.  However, I predict the healthcare economy and methodologies of delivery will look very different in 10-15 years’ time and there will certainly be greater involvement from private sector organisations delivering healthcare.

What's the best business advice you've ever received?

Count to 10 before responding and then speak slowly.

What makes you get up for work each day?

Two young children and a cat who all need feeding first thing in the morning…

What - apart from family and friends - can't you live without?

The music of U2, my golf clubs and tennis racket and at the moment Scandinavian crime dramas - I could survive easily without all the mod cons.

What business inheritance would you like to pass on to the next generation?

With so much focus on technology and innovation online, I am concerned that we’ll forget how to design and build real things!  While there will always be a need for the professional services sector, let’s promote and demonstrate the value in apprenticeships and see engineering and manufacturing making a bigger come- back.

Who is your hero?

Stuart “Psycho” Pearce.  I’m a life-long Forest fan and he was amazing to watch on the pitch.

You're handed a governmental magic wand: what do you do?

I’d properly address the public sector pension time bomb.  I’d look to introduce a flat income tax system (taking far more people out of paying tax) and I’d lobby hard in Europe for the Euro to be dismantled, it is killing a continent.

What's on your iPod?

Too much choice – the bane of life!

What keeps you awake at night?

My transactions.

What's your prognosis for business in the Midlands?

We’ve got a well balanced economy here in the Midlands, and a very strong professional community. Money is earmarked for critical infrastructure which is sure to benefit business over the next five to ten years. If we continue to focus on building centres of excellence – such as BioCity Nottingham - we’ll continue to attract and retain great talent and investment. In terms of the immediate future, l think our local economy will grow a little this year, although the alternative is we are significantly blown of course by an external shock...

Who’s in demand
1st Jun 2012

The first few months of the year have been busy with heightened activity across several sectors including retail, manufacturing , security and environmental and waste management services. The economic flat-line does not seem to have ‘frightened the recruitment horses’ and it’s been pleasing to note an increase in newly created roles as well as replacement.  Analytical roles are seen to add value to businesses where the drive for continuous improvement and process efficiency make all the difference. Financial analysts, business analysts, sales analysts and commercial accountants are all in demand; so too are management accountants with strong manufacturing sector backgrounds. But perhaps the biggest competition at the moment is over cost accountants:  the battle for this talent is fierce.

And some good news too for this year’s newly qualifieds: across the region in both SMEs and larger corporates, CIMA, ACCA and ACAs who have completed their studies are finding favour for financial and management accounting roles. With up to date knowledge, ambition and enthusiasm they represent good value for money for clients with an eye on succession planning.

Other indicators of market confidence are that recruitment freezes are lifting, the pace of recruitment is hastening and counter offers are back with a vengeance.   Our advice to clients is to make sure your hiring processes are up to speed and that your employer proposition is clear: candidates are far more selective in their career choices now and their motivation for moving is rarely salary. A sense of value, challenging and varied work along with a clear sense of career progression are the top three things our candidates tell us they are seeking.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of finance recruitment in the Midlands, please contact Edward Johnson on 01509 678200 or email him at

ABPM comes of age
31st Dec 2011

Twenty one years ago, in the summer of 1990, ABPM launched into existence buoyed up on a wave of youthful confidence and naive business instinct. Rej Abraham shares his views on how the business landscape has changed since.

Back then, the UK economy, still rooted in a manufacturing culture, had a base of local and national companies in industries such as textiles, ceramics, automotive, steel and mining but professional and service sectors were starting to gain ground fast. Shared services, off shoring and outsourcing were concepts for the future – the terminology had not yet entered the finance department’s lexicon. Career advancement was about doing your time and working your way up; rarely did we see a CFO or CEO in their 20s – this was before Generation X and Y hit the workforce!

Communication was more formal and -  wait for it - often face to face. The single computer in the corner of the office was studiously ignored by most and viewed with suspicion by those of us “in the know”.   The fax machine spewed out inches of indecipherable paper and in enlightened offices smoking was banned until 1pm. Mobile phones, the size of a brick and the weight of a small saloon car, were rare indeed. 

Temporary Workers

Using temporary staff was a reactive, rather than a strategic, decision with the majority of posts fulfilled by our globe-trotting antiopodean cousins. As we pulled out of recession we saw the rise of the professional temporary worker, providing the cost-effective flexibility of skilled and experienced labour many organisations needed to get back on their feet. All sorts of professional workers discovered that it was a viable career choice and not merely a way of filling time between permanent  posts. The employment landscape had changed for ever.

In the last twenty years, businesses have become global in terms of both suppliers and customers: a domestic outlook no longer serves a successful business well it seems. Not for profit sectors have responded to their commercial challenges and outsourcing and third party provisioning are significant sectors in their own right. The advisory and financial services sectors have become increasingly sophisticated and complex to the point of mystery for the common man and, across the board, the war for talent has magnified.

The influence of technology and the internet have drastically altered the career landscape. A good idea can catapult you to wealth, fame and fortune whilst a cynicism has been built in the workforce that no matter how diligent and capable an employee you are, your destiny is often not within your control. Today’s professional must be more career savvy than ever before. Patience is not necessarily a virtue for the nakedly ambitious finance professional. An MBO or MBI can be your path to millions if you back the right horse. Today, if you have the right knowledge, contacts and confidence - if you’re good enough - you’re old enough!

So what about recruitment itself?
Recruitment supplier choice has exploded across all sectors and notably in finance. National businesses have become international behemoths offering diversity of services cross border. But at the same time, opportunity for independent niche recruiters has expanded too. Customers still require an excellent service, a professional partnership – not a KPI and SLA-led process. There’s a balance to be met between cost and service – procurement and hiring managers need to be in sync. On a positive note, hiring protocols are more formal, selection processes conducted with increasing rigour and this has certainly made the recruitment industry more accountable. 

Today, recruitment is a career choice open to those interested in a sales career. This has changed the culture of the industry with a focus on KPIs, processes and fees. Whilst arguably better trained as sales people, many lack the life experience and broader perspective that an earlier career brings. I, and the majority of my colleagues twenty years ago, had trained as an accountant or a lawyer perhaps, but found our first career choice wasn’t right for us. We enjoyed the people interaction, the building of relationships and the buzz of a successful outcome. What hasn’t changed though is that great relationships continue to deliver genuine and sustainable success.

The key to successful recruitment is listening and communication. For all the benefits of the internet – its speed, agility and apparent information transfer, it removes the soul of recruitment. Recruitment is not the purchase of a commodity online. It’s the careful consideration of a number of subjective variables. It’s still about people. It always will be. Thank goodness.

Who’s in demand – a view from the Midlands
31st Dec 2011

We can’t ignore the fact that the ongoing economic situation is tough, but the Midlands is proving to be more resilient than many areas of the UK and Europe. Indeed, Jaguar Land Rover’s recent announcement of a new £355million engine production plant in the West Midlands is an example of the confidence the private sector has in the region’s ability to deliver despite economically challenging times.

With staff resources pared down, the focus is on efficiency and investment for the future, to enable businesses across the region to be in good shape to take advantage of the upturn when it comes. In the last six months we’ve noted increased demand for spedialists in three areas. 

Firstly, we have seen the re-emergence of big IT projects in the larger corporates and medium sized firms. This has led to demand for systems accountants notably with SAP, Cognos and Microsoft Dynamics experience, reflecting the need for high quality and more timely MI to drive better decision-making . It all adds up to being more competitive, more agile and better able to respond to the next positive business cycle.

Then, given the prevailing financial pressures, there is still emphasis on control and review in a more compliance-focused regime. Good news then for those working within internal audit  and control functions. We have seen hiring levels in these areas remain healthy.

And finally, we’ve seen a renewed interest in business partnering roles for finance professionals. Businesses are  redeploying  cost from the central finance area to operations and commercial functions in order to maximise their asset utilisation – both human and capital.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of finance recruitment in the Midlands, please contact Rej Abraham on 01509 678200 or email him at



Key Priorities for 2012
31st Dec 2011

Business confidence
In the ongoing sluggish economic climate, what are businesses doing to maintain profitability, productivity and competitive edge? As the year draws to a close, we asked business leaders from a variety of sectors to tell us what their priorities for 2012 will be. Almost everyone we spoke to commented that the focus was on how best to invest in the business to ensure it was ready to meet the growth demands that an upswing will eventually bring. What remains unclear is just when that might be.

We asked:

If 2011 has been a year of consolidation for businesses, given government policies and global financial influences, what will be your two key priorities for 2012?”

Here’s what some of them said:

“The housing market is either “feast or famine” and so feast will be coming next, we just don’t know when! So for us, it’s about maintaining and developing our capacity for the future, whilst keeping an eye out for the opportunities that I actually believe will become increasingly evident in 2012. I’m optimistic on balance and believe the current turmoil has been overstated.” Andrew Orrey,  CEO, North Lincolnshire Homes

My two priorities for 2012 are to align the management structure to the strategy and maintain tight control on working capital. I believe that whilst the recovery will be slow, it is key to have both of these objectives understood and agreed by the board to ensure the business can be agile and capable of taking advantage of opportunities.  Roy Kishor, MD, PermanenceNow

Two key priorities for business in 2012 will be growth and innovation. Ignore the doom & gloom – the UK has the skills and entrepreneurship to push the economy forward, if the Government just gives them the conditions to flourish. Roger Merchant,  Partner PKF (UK) LLP

My two key priorities for 2012 are driving sales in the BRIC economies, and exporting  more generally (as the UK will be more difficult to drive growth). Innovating for new, tougher market conditions – making sure products are fit for purpose.  Andrew King, CEO,

Efficacy and investment so we are placed ready for the upturn… when it comes! Matt Gowar, CEO, Equip UK

In Question: Mike Surrey
31st Dec 2011
Mike Surrey is Managing Director of Severn Trent Analytical Services. Previously, as Group Financial Controller and then Head of Business Operations, he played a critical role in the restructuring of Marconi, before emerging as MD of Telent. People who have worked with Mike applaud his ability to get the best out of people. Fostering a strong culture of ideas and innovation, he attracts talent, is inspirational to work with and relishes  a challenge.

How did you get to where you are today? 
Having an analytical mind and an understanding of what gets the best out of people has definitely proved successful. Obviously technical and sector knowledge is important and I’m always conscious that I have to learn that fast.
What three words sum you up best?
Tough-minded, incisive, empathetic.

Do CFOs make the best MDs?
They make good MDs, but perhaps not always the best! A good MD can come from any discipline but the key is to realise what you don’t know. Of course, as MD you have to deliver numbers, but there’s much much more besides. It also depends on where your business is in its lifecycle – a CFO wouldn’t be my first choice of MD for a business that demanded greater risk-taking. At the end of the day, the CFO analyses and understands the business but it’s the MD or CEO who is accountable for it.
What's the toughest challenge for an MD today?
Whatever business you are in, whatever the economic circumstances, it’s all about how you run teams and get the best out of them. You have to have a coherent strategy, clearly communicated - with meaning  - and then give the direction. My leadership style is supportive yet rigorous in making others accountable.
Better to travel or arrive?
To travel for sure! The fun is in working out how to get there. Arriving is often an anticlimax. There always has to be somewhere else to go...
What was the first job you ever had?
In the 1980s I was a motorcycle courier in London. It was great fun, a little dangerous and quite exciting for something fairly menial. I’ve been to Buckingham Palace, met Rocco Forte and seen some fantastic penthouses – not many students can say that!
What's the best advice you have ever been given?
I had a boss who used to say, “If it was easy, we’d employ students!” It made me realise that when the going gets tough, we have to pull together to make things happen. It’s so true.

What can't you live without?
My Blackberry. I’m hooked! Even when I’m on holiday, I can see what’s going on without participating.

What's your passion?
The three classic motorbikes in my garage. They’re things I couldn’t afford when I was a student.  I commute to work on them – they’re there to be enjoyed.

Who are your heroes?
Sir Alan Sugar – whatever you think him, he did something quite special in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Living on past glories now perhaps, but he spotted opportunity that others didn’t. And Jack Welch for his balanced and methodical  - even mechanical - approach to business. He doesn’t get diverted by the issues of the day. He is rigorous and succinct.  

Are we taking our environmental responsibilities seriously enough?
Severn Trent is! And I’m a little bit green too. I believe companies and individuals have a responsibility to conserve resources. Whether or not we believe and understand the scientific evidence, we should still treat our planet with respect.

What's on your reading list?
I’m a member of a local book club so we read all sorts of things. I enjoy  novels, biographies and crime fiction. At the moment I’m reading The Help by Katherine Stockett

Where's the next big business success coming from?
You can’t predict that and I’m certainly not bold enough to do so! What people create and how they use it is so unpredictable. Just look at texting...

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about business in 2012?
I’m optimistic in that I believe the UK is doing the right things, but realistically it’s going to have a negative impact on many people in the short term. We’ve got to hang on in there ‘til 2014 before we get the feel-good factor back again.


Finance doors opening in global market
25th May 2011
For finance professionals, opportunities to advance careers and fulfil potential can no longer be viewed in a domestic setting only. With the rapid march of globalisation there are few industries and sectors which are not directly impacted by the cross border mobility of key personnel.

At ABPM we are seeing a steady rise in overseas assignments – on a permanent and interim basis -  for UK qualified finance directors, internal financial management consultants and project managers.

 Within the last six months alone we have handled recruitment assignments in East and West Africa, mainland Europe and Argentina, with the mining, rail, security and food trading industries being most active.

In the past it was typical to second a current employee to an overseas post, but with teams leaner than ever, the pool of suitable candidates for any hiring organisation is enhanced by casting a net further afield.  And for a senior finance professional, the right level job overseas may just give them the edge when they return to compete in our domestic jobs market.

For those seeking to fulfil interim assignments, there is some strong talent in the market already committed to a professional working life beyond UK shores.  Being familiar with the challenges that come with working in multi-cultural business environments can be invaluable for a successful outcome to an overseas assignment.

The UK has attracted many ethnic groups for professional training and career development and the opportunity for them to use their skills in their country of origin under the auspices of a well regarded international business makes perfect sense. Sense too for employers: cultural adaptability and family support are the two biggest hurdles to working successfully overseas.

The interviewing and selection process is arguably more convoluted, but with video hook ups and Skype used widely, this is easily overcome. There is the additional administrative burden around right to work legislation, remuneration structures and taxation and ABPM are well practiced in supporting clients and candidates on these issues. The majority of our overseas candidates are payrolled by us, but this is something that is discussed on a case by case basis with each client and candidate.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of overseas recruitment, please contact Rej Abraham in the first instance 01509 678200

In perspective
25th May 2011

Rej Abraham, Owner and MD of ABPM, gives us his view of the present business situation

Focusing solely on the appointment of accountants across the Midlands, we can be a reasonable barometer for economic confidence across different sectors represented in our region. The last two years have seen the reduction of headcount in many finance functions and professional services teams with the odd exception - these being driven typically by a change of ownership or relocation. 

This year, a desire to see renewed confidence in the business community has to be the goal. This continues to be challenging with creeping inflation, increase in VAT and the rising cost of utilities which impacts upon the individual consumer and the business sector.

In light of these challenges, we are managing and maintaining excellent service levels for existing clients, focusing on the provision of flexible staffing arrangements to our clients by providing an increasing number of temporary accountants, giving free advice to clients thinking of recruiting and discussing how best to execute a need and finally, flexing our offering to reach clients that need our services outside our traditional geographical boundaries - for example in Switzerland, Argentina, Kenya and the Cameroon.

Closer to home, we are noticing the impact of the consistent reduction in hiring volumes at graduate entry over the past decade. This has created significant demand at the middle management/finance controller level where across the region businesses are seeking additional resource to be able to provide more than the transactional accounting processes.

While some businesses are still struggling with the aftermath of recession, many are now turning attention to business growth. This cautious optimism requires a fine balancing act between cash flow management and investment. Those businesses that have kept their house in order, retained their key people, continued to develop the capabilities of their employees and  have a clear vision for the future are now in the position to attract the best talent in the market.


Who’s in demand – a view from the Midlands
24th May 2011
With the Midlands home to some of the best known UK businesses, it is heartening to see economic confidence starting to return. We have seen a positive uplift in vacancy levels during the early part of the year. Quarter 1 of 2011 has seen an increase of some 35% on the last quarter of 2010, with demand driven mainly from the utilities sector and the larger Plcs in the region. While trading conditions remain variable, finance leaders who are adept at managing change are in demand, as well as commercially-minded finance staff in business partnering roles. These roles require more than technical accounting skills requiring candidates to have strong communication, influencing and relationship-building skills. 

Candidate enquiry has remained high with finance directors and finance controllers actively coming to market  - perhaps indicative of the renewed confidence in the markets. Many large corporates in the region have used the last three years to restructure and exist with lean teams. Whilst very efficient, there is little capacity to cope with expanding workloads  and there is immediate demand at the junior and middle management level in particular.  

Whilst recruitment is back on the agenda, it pays to be patient. The process is still fairly protracted as clients hold out for their perfect hire, yet we find few candidates out of work if they are prepared to consider interim or temporary roles. Indeed, our finance candidates can be as picky as the hiring organisations when considering their next career move and an organisation who is recruiting needs to ensure their commercial due diligence stands up to scrutiny.  A word of caution here: the war for top talent has never ceased. Those organisations who are in good shape now and looking to build for the future will have the advantage on securing the best candidates. Making sure your recruitment processes are up to date, robust and competency driven will help position you well in the recruitment market.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of finance recruitment in the Midlands, please contact  Rej Abraham on  01509 678200 or email him at

Who’s in demand – a view from the North
24th May 2011
Market conditions for finance professionals in the North are improving. Cost-conscious businesses have used the recessionary period as an opportunity to fine- tune recruitment processes and many Plcs across the region now have preferred supplier arrangements in place.  Not only do these govern the distribution of vacancies, used well, they encourage greater understanding between the client business and the recruiters, improve efficiencies and reduce the time to start.  That said, the temptation to source candidates directly in the hope of avoiding recruitment fees lingers, yet the necessary investment of time and in-house resource all too often results in disappointment.

While vacancy levels have not increased year on year, we are noticing an uplift in permanent  vacancies so far in 2011, particularly for recently qualified/finalist level where candidates can be considered for junior management positions.  More senior candidates, who can demonstrate strong experience in cash management and working capital management with clear commercial input, are certainly in demand in the manufacturing and retail sectors. Unsurprisingly, financial services professionals across most finance disciplines – audit, risk, treasury, ICAAP and Basel II - are also in demand. The extensive reorganisation of many institutions means that those with integration experience are particularly sought after.

Across all our sectors we find that line managers are required to provide a comprehensive business case before initiating a recruitment process. With the workforce leaner, employers are better focussed on developing the potential of the staff they have – a very positive outcome of the recessionary years - choosing in many cases to promote internally and, where necessary, recruit at the more junior levels.

Pay rates across the region have remained fairly static over the past three years. An increasing number of businesses are approaching us for salary guidance and advice - perhaps suggesting that more pay reviews are taking place this year. Top talent has continued to command a premium and remains as challenging to recruit as ever. That said, we are seeing candidates show greater interest in career moves as economic confidence returns.   We remain cautiously  optimistic about 2011 with the expectation that 2012 will see renewed growth.

To discuss finance recruitment in the North, please contact  Jonathan Barber, Director, on 01924 572992 or email him at

ABPM Recruitment (North) Moves Operation from Leeds to Wakefield
15th Jul 2009

ABPM Recruitment Ltd, the longest established independent financial recruitment company in the North & Midlands, has this week relocated its Leeds operation to new office premises in Wakefield. The move sees the firm take space in the prestigious St John’s Business Centre on St John’s North in the city centre.

The relocation was prompted by the geographical spread of ABPM’s client base and Wakefield was the ideal choice thanks to its unrivalled rail and road links. The whole team is now based at the new office site and continue to specialise in the placement of accounting staff at all levels within the professional & financial services, commerce & industry, not-for-profit & public sectors.

The move will also see the creation of new positions both on the administration and recruitment teams over the coming months.

Tim Morgan, managing director of ABPM, commented; ‘As a business, we’ve had a presence in Leeds for many, many years but as time has passed our core client base has grown and now covers the whole region so we need to be able to access them quickly and easily. Wakefield is seeing a drive in business activity so it’s great to be part of that and I’m sure it’s going to be an ideal home for ABPM.’

- ends -

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ABPM Strengthens Leeds Team with Two New Appointments
22nd Sep 2008

Leeds based ABPM Financial Recruitment, the longest established financial recruitment company in the North & Midlands, has strengthened its core team with the appointments of Lindsay Fawdington and Nicky Moores who will be focused on developing the business’ presence within both the temporary and permanent markets for positions under £25,000 p/a.

Nicky, 34, boasts 15 years experience within in the accountancy sector as well as knowledge of the sales industry. Whilst Lindsay, 24, has a strong background both in accountancy and recruitment - she is also an AAT finalist.

Jonathan Barber, director of ABPM Leeds, commented; ‘The last year has been a really exciting time for ABPM – especially in terms of growth and company evolution. We’re all excited about these two fantastic appointments and I’m sure they will bring enthusiasm, contacts and drive to an already dynamic team.’

In her spare time Nicky, who lives in Bradford, enjoys crafting, reading and spending time with friends. And Leeds resident Lindsay loves keeping fit.

Nicky said of her new position; ‘I’m immensely looking forward to the challenge of my new role as ABPM is a forward thinking, innovative organisation which hits the market head on. The next year is set to be a very exciting and progressive period for both the Yorkshire team and the business as a whole.’

- ends -

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Notes to editor:

ABPM Financial Recruitment, the longest established financial recruitment consultancy in the North & Midlands, deals with the placement of accountants and finance staff at all levels within the professional & financial services, commerce & industry, not-for-profit & public sectors.

ABPM Survey Shows Mixed Concern Amongst Midlands Workforce & Job Seekers
22nd Jul 2008

Thanks to the so called ‘credit crunch crisis’, it seems that today’s work place is a mixed bag of both confidence and unease for workers and job seekers in both the Midlands and the North as the findings from ABPM Recruitment’s latest survey show.

ABPM, one of the leading financial recruitment companies over the last couple of decades, recently commissioned an independent survey of its candidates to see how the current economic climate is affecting their ambitions and job security on a day to day basis.

On a positive note, some 68% in the Midlands and 74% in the North said that the credit crunch hasn’t affected their drive and determination to switch positions to further their career. However, on the gloomier side, 55% and 54% respectively said their employers have had to realign business strategies to cope with the downturn whilst 44% and 55% stated that internal promotions had been cut meaning career advancement has been directly affected.

Job security is obviously another big issue and a staggering 55% of respondents in the Midlands confirmed that they feel their roles aren’t as secure as this time last year and in the North it was 49%. These figures mirror the 60% and 67% of people who now feel unable to approach their employer about pay rises and benefits that were taken for granted just a few months ago.

Tim Morgan, managing director of ABPM Recruitment, said; ‘There’s been so much speculation about the bigger picture when it comes to the credit crunch, so it’s fascinating to see how the people at the coal face of the business community have been affected by what’s going on.

He concluded; It seems from these results, and from conversations with our candidates, that there is concern but people are still positive about the future and realise that strong and well structured businesses will get through these challenging times.’

- ends -
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Matt Neary @ Conker PR - T: 0161 902 9472 or E:

Notes to editor:
ABPM Financial Recruitment, the longest established financial recruitment consultancy in the North & Midlands, deals solely with the placement of accountants and financial staff at all levels within the professional & financial services, commerce & industry, not-for-profit & public sectors.

Source – ABPM Recruitment Ltd
Email survey sent to approx 2,000 people in the Midlands & Yorkshire
Credit Crunch or Confidence Crunch?
8th Jul 2008

asks Tim Morgan, ABPM's managing director

There’s no doubting that the last 10 years has been good to Britain and much of the rest of the world; our economies have boomed, we’ve got low unemployment and stable(ish) interest rates so shouldn’t we  be confident in our own position and be able to ride out any blip that comes our way? Maybe.. but the signs are showing that we’re probably not!

For me, the key question is whether we are, in fact, talking ourselves into a recession by worrying about the so-called ‘credit crunch’ and by not focusing on new business possibilities. Today’s world economy is a very different beast to that of say 20, or even 10, years ago. The power base is clearly shifting from West to East but instead of moaning about how good it was yesterday we should be trying to limit any ill-effects by pulling on our own (rational) self-belief, by looking for synergies and by grasping the vast array of opportunities that are in front of us.

It seems to me that the UK Government is not necessarily being helped by the opposition parties who seem to be cynically using the current economic state to score cheap political points. It could also be argued that many national media commentators are worrying householders about their mortgages and house values to sell more papers, so if the world economy is partly based on confidence then surely we are talking ourselves into trouble! 

Since Labour came to power in 1997, the UK has seen an explosion in entrepreneurial drive with thousands of businesses being set up in every sector. This has been fantastic for the country but none have had to weather bad times so it could be argued a balanced view is substituted for knee jerk reactions; again fuelled by speculation and panic.

The UK is in a great position to come through the current ‘crisis’ but only if the Government, the business community, the media and the public don’t  panic and take a considered view.

ABPM Director Tell It How It Is In The Press!
23rd Apr 2008

Rej Abraham, director of ABPM Financial Recruitment, recently discussed career choices & resolutions in the Derby Evening Telegraph:

Imagine, it’s a gloomy January day and you’ve made that all important decision to move onto your next career challenge, then fast forward….and suddenly you’re now in April and nothing’s changed! You’re still sitting at the same desk feeling uninspired; sound familiar? As a recruitment consultant I regularly meet people in this situation, and do understand how one month of boredom and frustration turns into the next.

As we approach Christmas, getting a new job seems like the right decision on every level; our confidence is high, hopefully targets have been hit, the much anticipated bonus is on its way and two weeks off seems like a natural break in work proceedings. However, once the New Year kicks in, the weeks soon turn into months and career plans begin to be forgotten. It's not a case of New Year resolutions, it suddenly becomes Easte Resolutions!

I understand that work loads, personal commitments and other factors come into play, but there is a real need to stay focused on what you want out of your career. We spend most of our waking hours at work and often more time with our colleagues than our families, so a person’s career is a dominating factor in his or her life. I firmly believe that if you want to be happy in life then you must be happy at work – period.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manual labourer or the boss of a multi national company, the principle is exactly the same. Work should never be a chore and no-one should have that dreaded Sunday night feeling. We’ve probably all experienced it…the clock hits 6pm; Songs of Praise is humming in the background and then bam…the dulcet tones of this week’s choir is accompanied by a chorus of worry and anxiety in our minds as the prospect of another 5 days of feeling uninspired and unfulfilled kicks in.

It’s also important to realise that this kind of situation is no better for the employer than the employee. Every business owner, manager or director wants to drive their organisation forward but this can only be achieved if they’ve got the right team on board. This group of people is on the front line of winning and maintaining business so are the very essence of success or failure. Everyone must be committed to, and believe in, where they’re working.

The onus should be on both sides to ensure that two way communication and support happens. This equal responsibility will make for a better working environment that inspires productivity and commitment. By making definite career decisions, sticking to them and not compromising then we can all progress our own careers and morale as well as the bottom line for the company we work for!

Taking Control of Your Career
8th Apr 2008

Whether you’re one of the newly qualified accountants across the country or have a bit more experience, competition in the market place is self evident at every level; but then you probably already know that!

So, we at ABPM Financial Recruitment have pulled together a few useful dos and don’ts on how you can take charge of your own career and achieve your goals!

The simple fact is that decisions made early on can make all the difference. It may seem that your working life is stretched out in front of you, but with the right support, you’ll be able to make informed choices that will direct and dictate what path you take. Sound good? Well…here are a few pointers from ABPM on how to do just that!

Research is Key
A particular sector or position may sound appealing but how much do you really know about it? Take time to do your research by talking to contacts or consultants who have first hand knowledge and experience. Perceptions are often different to the reality!

Why Are You Special?
As we’ve said, competition is real so work out how you stand out from the crowd. Look at your skill sets and hone them to meet the demands and expectations of your desired position. Employers want motivated forward thinkers who have their finger on the pulse!

Planning is the Name of the Game
It’s a fact of life that most people don’t land their ideal position first time. However, it’s crucial that you look long term and apply for jobs that will provide relevant experience to get you to where you want to be. Also, stick with it as jumping ship too often can be frowned upon by many employers!

Look Further Afield:
If you can’t find the right job where you live, or if you feel that you’re stuck in rut, why not expand your horizons and look at a possible relocation either here in the UK or abroad. The right job for you will be out there!

If all of this sounds interesting and you feel that you may need some assistance in making your next move, then why not drop us a line or give one of our offices a call for an informal chat. We’ve got a team of experienced professionals in place who are able to guide you to where you want to be!

Also, take a look at our brand new website at - - which uses the very latest in cutting edge browser technology. You can simply browse the site and register for emails or there’s the option of signing up for the full service which allows you to specify your preferred region, job type or salary bracket. You’ll then be contacted by a consultant and start to receive up to date and automatic email alerts on the very latest positions in your requested field. Plus, the site also boasts a whole host of other useful information such as salary guides.

North: 0113 389 9500 or email:
Midlands: 01509 678200 or email:

ABPM Launches Cutting Edge Website
3rd Apr 2008
ABPM Financial Recruitment, the longest established financial recruitment company in the North & Midlands, has just launched a brand new client & candidate focused website – - that has been designed to specifically aid ease of navigation through the use of the very latest in cutting edge browser technology

ABPM understands that the decision to leave any position is a big step and normally involves lengthy research, so it has developed a site that enables candidates to browse or register for email alerts without being directly contacted by a member of the team.

There is also the option of signing up for the full service where candidates can now specify their preferred region, job type or salary bracket. They will then be directly contacted by a consultant as well as start to receive up to date and automatic email alerts on the very latest positions in their requested field. The site also boasts a whole host of other useful information such as salary guides.

There are also added benefits for ABPM clients as they can now register a vacancy directly and all positions are posted automatically onto leading job boards as well as appearing on the new site itself. In addition, a featured Client Area provides additional background information on those companies that the business recruits for on a regular basis

Rej Abraham, director of ABPM, commented; ‘The last couple of years has been a real evolutionary period for us. We understand the focus and importance that the Internet now plays in the recruitment sector and the new website is our response to that. We have spent a long time listening to what both our candidates and clients want and are already seeing an upturn in both usage and positive feedback!’

The site was created by Staffordshire based Trinity Design –

Top Business Accreditation for Recruiter
13th Dec 2007

ABPM Financial Recruitment, the longest established financial recruitment consultancy in the North & Midlands, is celebrating after being recognised as an Investor in People. The much respected Investors in People organisation work with companies of all sizes to provide straightforward, proven frameworks for delivering business improvement through their people.

The assessment process was conducted over two days by the West Midlands Quality Centre and included interviews with both full and part-time staff as well as the senior management team. A number of pre-agreed key areas were reviewed including; the business planning process, the strategy for improving performance and how the development of people has impacted the organisation’s performance. ABPM first received the accolade in 2004.

Particular ‘good practice’ actions identified included; an effective communications strategy that encourages and allows all members of staff to contribute and a supportive team culture that facilitates sharing of good practice and knowledge.

Rej Abraham, director of ABPM, commented; ‘As a business, we recognise the important role our staff play in developing and growing our organisation. Our team is made up of some of the most talented recruiters I’ve ever worked with, so this recognition is testament everyone’s hard work. We see this as an important milestone and we are all determined to carry on delivering the best service possible to both clients and candidates.’

For further information on ABPM Financial Recruitment, please contact:
Matt Neary @ Conker PR T: 0161 902 9472 E:

Our people focused philosophy enables us to bring together the most suitable candidate with the relevant client.