Join the 20 Minute Movement!

At Living Well we want to encourage everyone, across the whole of the Bradford District, to move our bodies more for at least 20 minutes every day. 

The movement is about making a promise to yourself to do something to be active every day.  It’s also about getting those around you, friends, colleagues and family to be active too!  Together we will create a community that encourages, shares and supports each other as we invest 20 minutes a day in our own physical and mental health.


What is that something?

Literally anything at all!  It can be dance while you dust, squats while you brush your teeth, or boogying to the TV theme tunes. 

  • You can do it all at once
  • You can do it in 5 minute chunks
  • Or 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening
  • Inside and outside
  • Whatever works for you

Let’s get started!

Why not set up a Facebook group or private Whats App or Messenger group with your friends where you can have daily check ins, encourage each other, share your ideas and arrange socially distanced walks and bike rides to keep you all going. (Make the chat green or pink just like our Living Well colours to help remind you to come back here for new ideas).

There are lots of useful material to download from our toolkits here

The toolkit includes posters, web banners, social media posts, 20 activities in 20 days - ideas and progress charts and much more.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates, ideas, tips and motivation. You can do this via the pop-up box that appears on the homepage.

Be A Living Well 20 Minute Champion

As part of the 20 Minute Movement we’ve recruited seven champions from across the district who have shared one of the things they do to help stay active.  

We want to find 20 favourite local walks that take around 20 minutes. Can you help?

It can be in a park, along the canal, around the city centre, over a moor or even an interesting walk around your local streets taking in interesting, little known information about our amazing BD postcodes. 

If you would like to nominate your local walk please contact us with some basic details and we’ll be in touch.

Are you a business?

You can encourage your employees to take the 20 Workday Challenge to spend 20 minutes a day getting active.  Whether that’s before work to set the day up, taking a lunch time walk to encourage people to step away from their screens or after work to help provide a more definite line between home and work. You can share our ideas and motivation chart with your workplace in support of physical and mental wellness.

Download a list of ideas from our toolkit here
Download a progress chart from our toolkit here


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