Online support

Below are a range of online options which may be of help.

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Cut back on alcohol and feel a bit better every day – it’s easier to start than you think.

Alcohol Change UK
Factsheets offering advice, support and factual information about alcohol.

NHS Live Well: Alcohol Support
Support if you feel you are drinking too much.

Provides advice and support for people wanting to reduce their alcohol intake.

NHS Alcohol Misuse
NHS information and advice on alcohol misuse

Best You
Offers support to change lifestyle habits such as the amount of alcohol you drink, connecting with other people that can help and support, so that you can achieve what’s important to you.

An independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK to help people make better choices about drinking. 

Bradford Council: Drugs and Alcohol Support
Support, help, information and organisations and how to contact them.

Alcohol Change UK
Advice, support and fact sheets on alcohol facts.

Apps downloadable via App Store & Google Play

Apps are available to help you track your alcohol intake. You can find links to the Living Well apps page here and more apps for reducing drinking here (scroll down the page once open)


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