Top Tips

Knowing what to eat to live well can be confusing, here are some top tips to help you get started.

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  1. Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day
  2. Base your meals around whole grain carbohydrates
  3. Keep crisps, chocolate, cakes, pastries and biscuits as a treat, not part of your daily intake
  4. Trim off all visible fats from meat then grill, microwave, steam, poach or boil your food
  5. Switch to low fat dairy cheese and yoghurt products
  6. Eat smaller portions of high fat and sugary foods
  7. Use more beans and pulses in your diet, they are cheap and nutritious
  8. Use low sugar products such as diet drinks, low sugar jam etc
  9. Try adapting recipes to make them healthier
  10. Limit takeaways to occasional treats

NHS - 8 Tips For Healthy Eating
Practical tips covering the basics of healthy eating and helping you to make healthier choices.

NHS Better Health
Better Health has a range of tools and support to help you and your family eat better. 


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